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Rhino Pr0n – by NoWhereBob

0400 Wheelhouse of MV Aussie Rules.


The Rhino was deliberately waiting before he got his next cup of coffee and a new cigar. He was well aware of the rapidly diminishing supply of both. To find something to do he tweaked the sea clutter up a touch on the RADAR. He snorted “Damned thing’ll acquire, plot & lay off a course & speed for a new target before I even know it’s there.” While the old days had required more skill, more knowledge, a more intuitive touch, there certainly was something to be said for the new whizz-bangery of integrated GPS Chart Plotters & RADAR with ARPA. He drew some comfort from the knowledge that he could go back to the old technology, where as the under 30 pussies couldn’t find their own ass without GPS. He settled his ass back into the gas lift helm chair, which despite being designed by some softcock interior designer and trimmed in white leather, the Rhino had to admit it was a thing of great comfort.

His mental background chatter stopped short as he sensed someone coming up the stairwell. Fifi, wrapped in a blanket, padded to beside his helm chair.

“Awesome night isn’t it Rhino?”

“Never get sick of it Fifi, not in a million years.”

A compatible silence settled as they looked out on the moonlit sea. More stars than the sky could possible hold danced on the long slow sea swell. The ship flowed through the oiled blackness with a minimum of foam & fuss, as if she had every right to be where she was, on the heading she was.

Inside the wheel house the gentle red glow of gauges and dials lit the Rhino’s hard face from below, evening out a thousand scars and lines. Fifi broke the silence.

“I know you’re on watch and I should be sleeping but my head is so tense you know, I can’t get to the end of one idea before another jumps over the top of it.”

“Yes’m” rumbled the Rhino.

I single tear rolled down Fifi’s cheek. She continued in a small voice. “I’m not always the tough bitch I seem. Sometimes we all need a little love, I’m sure even Rhino’s need love.”

“Yes’m we do” gentled Rhino.

“Rhino, would you hold me?”

“Well how’s about you climb on up here Miss Fifi, seems to me you will about fit in my lap.”

Fifi dropped the blanket to one hand and in the light of the gauges he could see the perfect double dome of her belly, her strong thighs, the curve of breast to throat.

“God Damn, but she was but a tiny thing of beauty.” He thought as she steeped up onto the footrest of the chair, turned and settled into his arms. The gas lift smoothly and silently eased under her added weight.

It was slow and gentle. There was no screaming names, biting or cursing. They barely moved against each other. When it was over she nestled in against his broad chest, a hand on his shoulder and slept deeper than she had since the day of the Wave.

A little after five the Rhino carried her below and slid her back into her bunk. She murmured but never woke.

At 05:55 Mr. Lee appeared on deck to take his watch. He found the Rhino just finishing a cigar. Riding out the long slow ocean swells in a damned good gas lift chair.


10 March, 2009 - Posted by | Without Warning


  1. The Original

    Comment by miniburger | 14 March, 2009 | Reply

  2. So much to say.
    So few ways to say it without sounding like an asshat.

    Comment by NowhereBob | 17 March, 2009 | Reply

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