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The Disappearance + 1 month by tonick175

Disappearance + 1 Month


Australia , Northern Territory Coastline – 0250H


   “Here they come”. The dull hum of the thermal imaging camera was now a constant reminder of their now familiar nightly routine. And its images told of another busy night ahead.  “I’ve got 12, no make that 15 craft running line astern, about 200m apart, heading is on bearing 185, with no lights visible. They’re running blind”.  Sergeant Peter Anders pulled back from the eyepiece and rolled his neck left to right, sweat running down the middle of his back. He had, up till recently come to accept that his job was, realistically, defunct. But that was before “the Wave” and, it seems, the vaporizing of what was the population of mainland United States .


He never believed, even imagine that anything like this would happen. People, or more accurately refugee’s, arriving en masse on whatever they could find that floated. Escaping the madness engulfing their country and seeking refuge in the top end of Australia which, taking into account the majority of its terrain and climate did not bode well for anyone wanting to survive for long. So, in his mind, they were desperate.  He pushed the thought from his mind and refocused his view back through the TI camera.


   “Chris, radio the patrol boat and confirm their intercept position and the ROE to be used. I don’t want us to have to chase if they bomb burst when the Navy shows up”. Pete had found out the hard way two nights previous when one of the gunners manning a port side .50 Cal machine gun decided to open fire on a group of “illegals” to get their attention. In the rolling swell that night his aim was, in a word, fucked. Three craft collided in the darkness and sank, whilst the rest went in all directions.

He and his patrol had gone out to rescue the survivors as the patrol boat attempted to corral the now panicked craft. By the time he and his men got to the sinking remnants, most of those who had been onboard had drowned.

   “Fucking Navy” cursed Cpl Dan Jarvis, his 2IC as they dragged the live ones into their Zodiac inflatables. Men, women, children, all scared and trying to escape now lay face down in the warm waters of the Torres Strait .


Pete had never seen a dead body, let alone three dozen in one night. Surviving family member’s cried uncontrollably whilst others had to be restrained from trying to drag the bodies of the now deceased into the rescue craft. What a fucking mess. He didn’t sleep that night and since then it was patchy at best.


   “I’ve got word back from the patrol boat “. Chris noted the details of the conversation into his log book before anchoring the handset into its cradle. “It seems they are having problems with their starboard engine and may have to return to Darwin if it can’t be fixed by the engineer onboard, which means if they can’t get here in time, all those are ours”.


Pete Anders continued to gaze at the lead vessel making its way toward them. The camera, set to “white hot”, made the ocean surrounding the craft to look like a black satin sheet as the waters ebbed and flowed.

   “I reckon they’ll make the coast by 033 hours, probably offload on the far side of the bay before they scuttle their boats, then try and get as far inland without getting spotted.”   Poor stupid bastards, Pete thought as he stood and moved back into their small camp site, the camera still humming in the background. He took a long pull from his Camelbak before sitting down on a tri post chair that he had bought at Paddy Pallin. Off to the right of the observation post, or OP as it was called Cpl Bruce Martin surveyed the night through his night vision goggles. The NVG’s were 5th gen technology giving them a decided edge when working at night. He manned the only crew served weapon they had, the MAG 58. Mounted on a tripod to give it better accuracy at greater distances the primary and alternate fields of fire were set. His main concern at the moment, however, was trying not to slap himself senseless. The mosquito’s seemed to love his scent and had descended on him like the veritable plague. Unfortunately tonight, that would be least of his troubles.




The captain had been in these waters many times before. The fishing here was what it used to be off his native Java when he was a boy. But now, after years of over fishing, mismanagement and lack of anyone wanting to enforce the law the ocean had no more to give.


He looked back over his shoulder, and stared into the darkness. The shape of the hull directly astern broke across his white wash and behind that he could make out another two more similar craft working hard in the rolling swell to keep up. Fools, he thought. It will be in vain. This country wants nothing to do with you. It wants to be seen as the savior to the people of the Great Satan. The captain smiled. It would be this countries undoing.




Below deck his passengers were making their final checks before landing. Most of the equipment they were to carry was concealed within the five bundles of which each would carry. They worked in silence, lost in thought. Once ashore they would have to make it to their destination in less than 48 hours, barring any unforeseen encounters. The Australian Navy was now heavily patrolling these waters, attempting to interdict convoys such as this one. But the Navy was thinly stretched and many convoys had made it their destination: a bay, a cove, a river where the passengers left them to make a new start. Most would be caught by the Army who were now operating in small groups along the northern coastal regions. These groups were mainly comprised of regular and reservists. Waiting, watching. These regional surveillance forces were trained well and knew the ground in which they stood. But the north of Australia was large and the units few. In the scheme of things they were not a problem and could be dealt with quickly, if required.


Shouldering their loads the Kopassus commandos readied themselves. They were embarking upon the most daring action ever undertaken by the Indonesian military. And they were going to succeed….


End Part 1


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