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Par Ardua ad Astra by DrunkenWombat


October 23rd 1946.

Kapustin Yar Test Range, USSR



Stalin removed the pipe from his mouth.

“Well Comrade Korolev, it looks like I won’t have to send you back to the Gulag after all. Your rockets will keep those American bastards in line! And you are sure it can hit Washington, all the way from the Motherland?”

Sergei Korolev, the Soviet Chief Rocket Designer’s ears were still ringing from the launch of the Cossack I rocket 45 minutes earlier.

“Indeed Premier Stalin. And with a far greater accuracy than anticipated. We can put the atomic warhead right in Roosevelts tea cup!”


In his hand on the screen of the flexipad was the range data from the launch.  The payload had landed less than a kilometre from its target on the north most Island of Japan.

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The Right to Bear Arms – by Drej

The Right to Bear Arms


The line waiting to enter the Bungalow Bar in central Whangarei was not as long as usual, partly due to the cold and plenty due to the economic recession gripping the world. But to 19 year old Robbie Kahui, the din of voices raised to counter the ever present doof-doof music within was testament to the fact that no matter the state of the world, people still sought to drown their uncertainties in increasingly expensive liquor to preserve the illusion, at least, of a “good time”.

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Why – by NoWhereBob

The old man said nothing, as was his way. With a flick of the wrist he threw the last of his tea into the smoking embers of last nights fire, stood with popping joints and creaking tendons and walked towards the stock horses. He took no joy from what he had started, perhaps a grim sliver of satisfaction, knowing that a terrible wrong was to be righted. Last night in a special place he had sung the songs to summon his ancestors, he had sought their counsel and with their help he had sung the death of America.

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