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The Falcon Masters – by Stephen Francis Murphy

The Falcon Masters – – Without Warning Fan Fiction
By Steven Francis Murphy

Snow covered the empty plains of the American Midwest, the bleak sun peering down through a clear grey blue sky down upon the bones of empire. Tufts of fine grass, waist high reached up, shifting with the Siberian express blowing hard across Kansas and over the river into Missouri. No rabbits scurried to evade the nimble fox, the eager wolf or the cagey farm dog. Huddles of cattle were nowhere to be found either. Rusting farm machines covered in snow and dirt sank on deflated tires into the soil. A windmill spun crazy lazy on a busted pivot, betraying the wind’s true direction, creaking in the empty air, joined only by the sound of turbine thunder roaring far above a land orphaned in the blink of an eye by the hand of fate.

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