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Coming Home – Without Warning FanFic by Stephen Francis Murphy

            “This is the last stop, Specialist,” the African American driver, an above the elbow amp, said.  “Sure you want to walk the rest of the way?”

            Bobby Wilder, still in his desert fatigues, nodded.  “Yeah, I’ll be fine.  Just a couple of miles.”

            “I’d take you there but the roads aren’t clear and they watch my mileage pretty closely,” the driver said.  “Fuel ain’t that hard to come by but they watch it anyway.”

            “They’re more concerned about wear and tear on the bus I suspect,” Wilder said, with a sixteen in one hand and his ruck in the other.  “Thanks for the lift.  When will you be back through here?”

            “Same time tomorrow.  Got some homesteaders here in Northtown and the work details down in the rail yards.  There are some folks up at Cerner and the hospital as well.  They keep me pretty busy,” the driver said.  “Rule of thumb is around noon or so.”

            Wilder nodded.  “Noon it is.  Thanks.”

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New Order – by Havock

For Sergeant Major Bo Jaason the retreat and subsequent sea journey from Kuwait had been nothing short of a nightmare. The organizational process of withdrawing as a result of the wave had been littered with disaster after disaster, catastrophe was more the word he thought, and they’d lost no fewer than 50% of the ships which had set out. A combination of missile attacks, suicide boats and a single stray Iranian Tango class sub had played bloody hell with the fleets departure in the confined waters of the Gulf, seemed every rag headed, religious nut job had come out to have a crack at the US and its allies.

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