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A Walk in The Woods – by Savo WW-ZE

Our/my memories were vague, broken.  There was so much, so many of them but so little I could understand. 



Only hunger remained.



Disjointed flashes of reality(?)  erupted within our (my?) soul.  I loved her::we/I loved her(?), confused – betrayed.  If only I/we knew why!  Warmth gone – lost.


But I/we died.  I know I did.  She had I/we/me murdered.  Betrayed me then Murdered me then Enslaved me.


Why!!! Part of me, all that was left locked inside my heart, screamed over and over again.


Confusion – hate.  Withering hate.  I HATE HER … we hate her whispered a voice from somewhere behind me.




I realised I was a passenger, a small insignificant scared, scared child sitting alone and afraid in a darkened theatre, watching a grainy horror movie.  A movie that I could barely see and hardly understood, but one that relentlessly played out before me.


Some deep animal part of me knew, just knew I was in my own mind, that something had taken me over and all I could do was watch.


I walked on and on, through the woods, beyond tired, beyond fatigued, past that into something I don’t  have a word for, I don’t think anyone has a word for.  Just away.  Away from where I had died and everything that was me had died.  To the south, like a bird.


The blank times were becoming more frequent now.  My memories of pain further and further apart.  But the hunger was always there.  I was losing.






I surfaced in cold clammy panic.  I couldn’t breathe – I never could. 


I’m here … again … for now, and the hunger isn’t as strong.  The sight before me should have sickened me but it was just another horror, another pain inflicted on my mind.  We were feeding.  My face was in something’s? stomach.  My head moved and my view changed as my jaws crunched bone and tendon and gristle.  My own stomach practically inhaled the chewed up blooded mess I was devouring.


Sated.  My body stood and turned south through the trees again.  I had no control of it so I couldn’t go back and look at what I’d been eating.  I don’t think I want to, I think it was ‘someone’.


We slowed at night, winter wasn’t over and the cold sapped our strength.  Ages, eons, forever we stood there among the trees, frost blurring the edges of my vision.  To my left dawn crept through the tree, the air warmed and I could smell another carnivore a long way off.  Another of us?  Petrol, burnt things and metal were front of us.  The sun warmed our body.  Our legs pulled out of the ice crusted muck we’d been standing in and we moved forward. 




The blare of the pickup’s horn dopplered away from me.  I don’t know how close it had come.  I welcome death … I think.  But hunger comes again.  The smell of food was ahead.  I watched as we walked towards the small hall in the field.  Dread seeped into my weariness as I recognised a small rural school in front of me.  A compact car stood to one corner, the teachers.  Some play ground equipment and benches marked the play ground.  Dear God Oh God OhGodOhGod, I knew what we were going to do.  I couldn’t stop it, I could only watch.  I prayed to whatever omnipotent being that had forsaken me that I would blank out again or die.


If I could have breathed, I’d’ve breathed a sigh of relief as we pushed up against a wire fence.  We halted momentarily but suddenly the world swivelled around me, as I was up ended and fell over the barbed wire fence.  We scrambled upright and continued lurching, inexorably towards the little building.  From the angle of my vision I figured something had happened to my left leg, it seemed to be dragging.


We crashed the doors open, two dozen pairs of eyes locked on ours, just for an instant, before the screaming started.  My body was swiping and grabbing at the darting little humans, we stooped and swept and eventually there was only the trim, sensibly dressed young woman in front of us.  We growled a low noise at her and she stood her ground, giving her charges time to escape us.


Our first lunge missed but our other hand came up. I was missing some fingers! Our other hand grabbed her neck and wrenched her viciously to one side.  We leapt at her, our other hand grabbed the side of her head and ~squeezed~. Her face distorted under the pressure of my hand and blood burst out of her eye socket, she tore at my forearms and wrists as we squeezed more and more, lifting her in the air twisting. 


The red light came from every direction at once, so suddenly and so intensely that even our hunger disappeared.  We looked around and the closest thing to fright I’d experienced, swept through me.  Mortal fear took hold of us.  We turned back, the school teacher had gone!  Our hands were covered in a steaming thick grey goo.  Her earrings were stuck in the small pool of it dribbling between my fingers.  We ran, blindly, a guttural sob escaped as our now red existence blurred (with tears?) and winked out.




Time almost had no meaning to me.  My body had been damage further, I’d resorted to attacking wild animals, and wasn’t too good at selecting suitable victims.  Clearly something had badly damaged the left side of my face one of the times I was ‘away’ as I no longer had binocular vision.  I remembered walking through a thick hot smoke that burnt my clothes and sloughed my skin off.  One of my arms was reaching forward at a disturbing angle, fingers were missing.  It was horrible, I wanted it to end, I wanted me to end.  My memories were gone or corrupted and I could feel my sanity, my essence becoming less and less each time I came back.




And then one day the red light was gone.  There was no way for me to know how long the light had been gone.  I don’t know how long it had been just plain daylight … but I knew what I could smell.  Hunger erupted and BURNT through my being.  What I wanted, want I needed, what I couldn’t get before and had gone away, had returned. 


I lurched forward towards the building.  Nothing could stop me.  Nothing.  My groans helped suppress my shuddering passion, my HUNGER, MY NEED.  I could die from my love, my need, my passion.   Braaaaaains I murmured lovingly Braaaaains.




26 March, 2009 - Posted by | Without Warning, Zombie Escapades


  1. POV Zed! Crikey, still can’t feel sorry for them.
    I particularly liked the Borg-ish collectivism.

    Top work Savo

    Comment by NowhereBob | 28 March, 2009 | Reply

  2. Just getting back to looking at these fan fics. Gotta have zed, good stuff.

    Comment by Therbs | 23 April, 2009 | Reply

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