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204f – NoWhereBob

204f braked against the gravity of a large yellow star. If a simple robot could, it would have been bored spit-less, but as this was its purpose in existing it just did its job with a minimum of fuss.

As per routine it had been scanning all of the candidates as it streaked in from the Oort cloud. Gravitometers had picked out the third & fourth as potential candidates. It was the third that held the appeal. It actually looked like it fitted parameters. Only the third was emitting RF signals in a coherent form. That indicated at least semi intelligent life, but that could and in the past had been easily rectified.


As it had 400+ times already it squirted a message to its masters and laid a course to intercept. As 204f approached it identified 3 major areas of RF emission traffic it flipped a metaphorical coin and headed for one at random. As it punched through the atmosphere it sipped and tasted – Oxygen was .3 of 1 percent higher than optimum and Argon was 2% low but again it was acceptable – 204f’s masters could augment supply if required.


Massing less than a kilogram and travelling at less than a kilometre per second it effected an acceptable landing only a few meters north of its aim point.


204f then deployed its defensive shield at a specific frequency that would render anything with higher order intelligence to the equivalent of hog fat and set to its work. It sampled the substrate and atmosphere at ground level and monitored radiation levels for a full circuit around the star watching for any surprising variance.


After the full circuit 204f deactivated its defensive shield and launched itself back into space. As it cleared the fifth satellite it messaged its conclusions to its masters; the third satellite entirely appropriate for colonisation.


3 April, 2009 - Posted by | Pepsi Challenges, Without Warning

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  1. I’ve always said them robots would do us in somehow.

    Comment by Therbs | 23 April, 2009 | Reply

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