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…and taketh away – Guru Bob

The Lord giveth…

The massive pan-dimensional being slowly drifted through this new solar system, absorbing the radiation being put out by the yellow star through pores on its membranous skin. As it approached the star the accumulation of radiation started to set in motion a number of internal processes.

After millions of years floating between star systems at an incredibly slow rate, the being luxuriated in the feast that it was enjoying. However the effect of the massive meal of radiation that it was absorbing acted as an enormous laxative on it.

The being was effectively invisible to all of the instruments pointed its way from the 3rd planet in this system, so its inhabitants didn’t see the massive sphincter in its rear open and it ejected a whirling cloud of fecal matter in another universe. Caught in the gravity well of the planet the invisible mass headed downwards towards the blinking lights of the continents below.

Time had no meaning or relevance to the being as it enjoyed the sensation of expelling its fecal matter into the void and it started to repeat the process. .

The being’s pleasure increased as it ejected another pan-dimensional shit from itself, and squirted the swirling mass into the vacuum on its way into the gravity well of the planet below.

This one would take another twelve months before it reached its destination…

In the meantime the being continued on its way, gorging itself on the radiation it needed to survive another millenium in the cold vacuum between the stars. Oblivious to the effect that its passing was about to have upon anotther species and its world.


3 April, 2009 - Posted by | Pepsi Challenges, Without Warning


  1. hahahahaha… a SHIT STORM!!! I love it. Great job.

    Comment by Rhino | 4 April, 2009 | Reply

  2. Bob, it’s always a pleasure to read a story that’s dung well…
    I like it!

    Comment by Tygertim | 10 April, 2009 | Reply

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