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No More Heroes- Chaz

The night was warm and humid for a change

and the four boys from Cape Town were sitting at a bottle littered with bottles (some empty and some not), cigarette butts and a few packets of ones still to be smoked. They were doing what they did best solving the worlds problems whilst ignoring their own.

“You see man, it’s like my old man used to say it’s God punishing us” Jonas was on his second bottle of local vodka and so had passed through the drunk barrier, his blond hair still at regulation stubble length even 8 years after leaving the army.

“Jonas you’re full of shit. How does God taking out the Americans punish us?” Marco the effete art student from Constancia, who would now happily kill a man for 500 dollars, spoke round his third cigar of the night. “No it was the Russians, some sort of space weapon from the cold war, Saddam paid for them to do it. Eh Willi?”

“Who gives a toss about what happened to those verdammed uitlanders? I just want to get my hands on some loot as soon as the Colonel says the salvage missions a go” Wilhelm was a true Dutch farm boy, although his father had a vineyard and had Willi educated at Witts, there are some things that are not easily bred out

Marco just grinned around the cigar “Don’t give me any of that Vaali shite bro, this is serious stuff. Andreas what do you think?

“Either someone screwed up, or there’s something out there waiting for another shot, if it’s the latter I hope it has a long recharge time otherwise our next jaunt may be very short” replied Andreas, the soldier-philosopher with a masters in political science and five years in the Parabets. His arm pointing at the night sky just visible through the patio doors “Anyhow meenherrs, briefing is at 08:00 so time for one last drink”

He waved at Brent the Canadian who ran the bar for another round, after they arrived each man took his glass and raised it.
“No more hero’s?” said Andreas
‘No more hero’s!” the four boys from Cape Town shouted together before knocking back the alcohol..


Andreas van den Berg. Security Contractor

Brents Bar, Freetown, Sierra Leone


3 April, 2009 - Posted by | Pepsi Challenges, Without Warning

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