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Blue Screen of Death – Mark R. Whittington

Craig Cram was one of the millions of Americans who had suddenly found themselves exiled when the wave wiped out much of North America.

Unlike most of his countrymen, he had initially welcomed the event. Cram had been in London to help organize protests of the impending invasion of Iraq for his organization, People for Peace. America had been the cause of much suffering in the world and its removal would be all for the better as far as Cram was concerned. Mind, he did feel a twinge of regret for the hundreds of millions, some of them family and friends, who had been obliterated. But they had allowed the fascist/corporate government of the United States to wage wars and oppressed people. Perhaps it was some kind of judgment, Cram (who was an atheist) thought.
The initial elation turned first to anger and then despair. The British government, which has always been a stooge of the Americans, had started to crack down, expelling people of Arab descent, squashing dissent. Cram was pretty sure that he was being watched and that the flat he was staying in was bugged.
What decided it for him was the nuclear annihilation of the Middle East by Israel. Then it became all clear for him. He posed his new theory to one of his comrades at dinner, which was a lean affair due to rationing measures.
“It was something Bill Gates did,” he said solemnly.
“What? How do you figure?”
“How is it that of all of the United States, Seattle was the one place that survived. The wave was obviously a plot by the military industrial complex to wipe the slate clean, as it were.”
“Oh come on. Bill Gates can’t even get Windows to run right. Destroy the US?”
“It all makes sense. Most of the US military is overseas. It’ll give them an excuse to seize control and make a real fascist state without even the pretense of democracy. They’ve gotten rid of all of their opposition anyway.” Cram wagged his finger to emphasize his point. “I’ll bet you that Bush and Cheney are in some ‘undisclosed location’ and will reveal themselves any day now.”
“But the wave is still going on. Nobody can go back.”
“I’ll be you that it’ll vanish like magic after a while, maybe a year. The neocons are in on it. They’ve already gotten their stooges in Israel to kill the Arabs. They’ll take the oil and establish an American Empire.”
“So what are you going to do?”
“Britain’s becoming too hot for us. I need to get to Seattle. It’s still a pretty progressive town and I can get in touch with some comrades there. Then we start the resistance.”
This, Cram’s friend silently concluded, was likely for the best. As long as it put Cram on the other side of the world and away from him. The event that destroyed America seemed to have robbed his friend of whatever vestige of sanity he once had. That kind of man was dangerous to have around. And the progressive community in Britain was having enough problems with such a man around.


3 April, 2009 - Posted by | Pepsi Challenges, Without Warning

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  1. Nice. Very nice.
    Particularly liked the judgement despite athiesm.

    Comment by NowhereBob | 7 April, 2009 | Reply

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