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Destiny – Madoc


That’s what it was; destiny. That’s the only thing it could be so, for Alex Cartwright, destiny is what it was. Alex had heard a lot of other explanations and none of them fit. Fit for him at least. Alex knew it was destiny – his destiny, in particular – as “The Wave” had made the future so much clearer for him.

Yes, the millions of people suddenly being snuffed out by the “Effect” and the millions more in the chaos that followed were all regrettable things. But Alex viewed it all as being but part of that destiny. With all those people gone, Alex knew he now had a great opportunity before him. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. Alex knew that the “Wave” / “Effect” / “Energy Field” couldn’t last forever and thus would end some day. And when that day came, Alex would be able to fulfill his destiny.

The US was an empty place now. But it was only empty of people and that left all the accumulated wealth there for the taking. No, not for the plundering or seizing. Such a view of the situation was for the small minded and the suckers and Alex was neither of those. Instead, Alex was looking at the suddenly depopulated America as being his opportunity to set himself up with enormous wealth – and do so all legally. That was his destiny.

When the Effect came to an end, Alex was going to head back into the US and begin laying claim to it. Not all of it, but enough of it and enough of the richest and best parts that his life would become that of a powerful and rich man. Alex knew this. He already knew the ins and outs of property forfeiture laws and knew the steps he needed to take to properly lay claim to the “abandoned lands” which now encompassed the entirety of the US and Canada.

With all those millions of fools, suckers, idiots and small minded folk gone – the folk who’d previously gotten in his way throughout his life – Alex would finally have his way clear to achieving that destiny. He knew he deserved great things and if it took the deaths of millions – hundreds of millions in this case – then Alex was fine with that. He wasn’t responsible for their deaths so he had no blood on his hands and thus there was no reason for him not to find profit from the situation.

So, while all those small minded fools around him there in Dorado were wailing over all the family members they’d lost in New York and LA, Alex was sitting back in his Puerto Rican resort hotel room and planning for his future. Another effect of the “Event” was the certain elimination of any remaining legal interest in Alex Cartwright. Or more accurately, any remaining legal interest in Jacque Keats, or Karl Cox, or Craig Carter, or any of the other aliases he’d used in his previous attempts at fulfilling his destiny. With such an event as had befallen the rest of the nation and the world, Alex didn’t even mind that the mark for his lasting bit of grifting had chickened out. The guy was down in Puerto Rico to conclude the land swap / unregistered bonds deal that he and “Jacque Keats” had been setting up for several weeks. A minor scam, but it was one which had brought Alex out to the seaside resort town just a day before everyone else in the US got moved out of his way. With his mark for the grift drunk in a stupor over his lost wife and family, Alex quickly changed hotels and contented himself with new making new plans for even grander operations.

It was hard for him not to feel elated at the prospects. Yes, it was destiny. His destiny. No other explanation could be possible. Alex knew in his bones that the future was going to be his and it was a bright and rich future. He knew it.


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