The Mini-burger

FanFic in the Birmoverse

Equal Rights – Barnesm

Julie turned and asked, “pass us another tray of seedlings, Granny”

Granny May paused and stood up after her pick bit into the bitumen, leaving it stuck there in mute testimony to the force which drove it into the hard carpark ground. She walked over to the back of the flatbed and hefted a tray of green shoots. After depositing it at Julie’s side she returned to the pick and readied to resume her work.

“Thanks. Now that Davin found that garden place over in Whitshire, we have enough potting mix and irrigation pipe to replant the whole carpark.

“Which one’s Davin?” Granny asked as her arms swung the iron deep and levelled back, another chuck of concrete flew up.

“The teenager with the shaved head, thinks the wave was God’s wrath”


“Why what do you think cause ‘the wave’

Without any hesitation the weathered old woman stated in a blunt, no nonsense tone she reserved usually for those she thought slow, ill informed, lazy or wrong. A significant section of the population in her world “The Patriarchy”

“What, How, the men disappeared as well”

“Didn’t say they didn’t cock it up”


3 April, 2009 - Posted by | Pepsi Challenges, Without Warning

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