The Mini-burger

FanFic in the Birmoverse

Scapegoat – MickH

Gary Kovak lifted the whisky glass unsteadily off the bar, spilling a little of the goldern fluid and earning a silent frown from the bartender.

For three days now since the Event he had been trying to lose himself in a drunk, but it wasn’t working. His emotions swirled around constantly in a chaotic maelstrom, remorse, fear, and guilt the worse. He told himself again that it wasn’t his fault, couldn’t possibly be, but secretly he knew better.

When he saw the images of the wave in the London Pub he was in, networking with the conference crowd after hours, he felt his world drop away. It was his wave.

As a DARPA scientist, he had been working on a particle wave shield, just like they had in Star trek, they had recently made a huge breakthrough in energy transference and had actually managed to create a small shield, under strict test conditions, of about a metre in diameter, but the power consumption had been enormous.

This was his wave, it was identical, but how could that be? He had only been away from the project for a week and there had been no inkling of a full test firing. Even that egotistical bastard Franklin wouldn’t be able to pull something like this off. There had been talk of connecting it up to the experimental fusion reactor but that was so unstable it was unthinkable. But someone had done something and something had gone terribly terribly wrong.

He shook his head again for the hundredth time, wishing for denial, for forgiveness, for something. He knew if he had been there he would have been able to control the more impulsive of his brilliant but unstable band.

Should he come forward with his knowledge that was the question but he knew he was no hero, no they would make him a scapegoat, better wait it out and see what happens.


3 April, 2009 - Posted by | Pepsi Challenges, Without Warning

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