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Schrödinger’s Damned Cat – Barnesm

Toni laid the king down on the board.

“Good game” said Jessamy.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have agreed to play. Chess these days. I find the metaphor disturbs my equilibrium” Toni leaned back in the café’s metal chair looking our over the manicured lawn around the fountain.

Jessamy following his gaze thought its pleasantly free of students. Jessamy being one of those lecturers who harboured the opinion that University would run so much better if they didn’t include students, other than those who post-graduates he had working their collective low paid brains off cranking out papers for him of course.


Toni continued to stare, not seeming to notice the question. “It’s a quieter campus since the wave. Not just less people, but everyone seems constrained, smaller. Wondering if its over or is there another shoe to drop”. His gaze wandered over the rest of the café, the grounds, everywhere but over the table in front of him.

“Everyone’s had a shock, everyone lost someone they knew. Its no wonder society is still trying to deal with it, an explanation for why it happened would help”. Jessemy began setting the board up.

His eyes didn’t move, seeing some landscape beyond the campus around him. His voice dropped and in a conspiratorial hush Toni murmured “No it wouldn’t!” after a long pause and the realisation that he wasn’t going to let off that easily he continued

“It all to do with the observer paradox?”

“You mean that damned cat of Schrödinger’s ?”

“Yes alive, dead or some other indeterminate state, randomly poisoned or not depending on the tick of a radioactive nucleus and all in flux until observed. The universe can get away with a lot of fudging to make things work, as long as nothing is watching too closely. Unfortunately along comes sentience. A cyanobacteria couldn’t care less about any cat alive, dead or glowing blue but put a thinking mind into the mix that can see and interact and quantum weirdness starts to peek through. You think those stories of H.P.Lovecraft you read are horrifying because of the unseen, unknowable forces in the outer dark? They are nothing to known inexplicable madness of the fundamental nature of reality. I think the wave was the universes response to being watched. The first response.”

Toni’s eyes flickered over the world before him, but I do not think I saw the same world as he did.

“We’ve stared to long into the abyss”.

With that he turned his head back, looked down at the newly set up pieces and slowly and deliberately pushed them away.


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