The Mini-burger

FanFic in the Birmoverse

The Rodent – sibeen

The hub-bub outside the conference room went up a notch and as Major Gen Gillespie raised his head Howard strode into the room.

He was surrounded by his latest fancy, a phalanx of ex secret service personnel all with the obligitory dark suits and dark sunglasses. He’d picked them up scattered around the globe and offered them work in his special protection detail. Gilespie had heard mutterings that the Australian Federal Police weren’t over the moon with the stuation, but Howard had becomea law unto himself in the last few months.

The scurrying of the uniformed technicians and junior officers ceased as the PM strode towards the table.
“General, I want to know what the hell is going on and when I’m going to get some answers about what has caused the situation”

Gillespie stood and saluted. “err, sorry prime Minister, but we weren’t due to start for another few hours”, he waved his arms to indicate the mess of communication equipment and cables that were strewn around the area.

“Something else has come up, General and I need some information immediately. Have you any bloody theories on what has caused this thing”

“Fucking rodent” thought Gillespie, he knew this wasn’t to start till later. “I’m sorry Mr Prime Minister, but as you can see none of the science staff are here yet” he said indicating the room.

“And what would they be telling me if they were in the room, General?” was the reply, his eyes glowering under prominent eyebrows.

“I’m not sure that they’d really give you an answer, Sir” Gillespie shrugged, “I really don’t think anyone has much of a clue”

Out of the corner of his eye the PM noticed one of the communication techs glance up and then look away quickly. He turned a glare on him and demanded, “well, do you have any idea?”

The Corporal glanced at Gillepsie who nodded his assent. The tech stood to attention and faced Howard.

“Err, Corporal Danson, Sir. I think that it was an experiment that went wrong, basically it was self inflicted by the US. If you look at the extent of the wave you can see that it is centered somewhere in northwestern Texas.”

“Jesus, you’re not one of those Roswell, Area 51 nutters are you” the PM spat.

“No… no, Sir. Roswell is in New Mexico. The yanks started building a ssuperconducting super collider a few years ago and then the project was abandoned. I think some black type operations then used the tunnels for other reasons. It all adds up. I just think it was one big cluster fuck, if you’ll pardon my french, Sir”

The PM looked across at Gillespie who just opened his hands palm up. “It’s as good as I’ve heard and better than most” he replied, “at least there is no little green men involved.”

The PM turned on his heel and followed by his security detachment and sundry hangers on, stomped from the room.

Gillespie turned and looked at Danson, “god save me from signal fucking Corporals” he muttered.

“Hey, General, you were an ex-digger, I knew you’d understand” Danson cheekily replied.


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