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Cry Havock – Mr The Rhino

The observation room was separated from the thickly padded room by two inches of sound-proofed and mirrored glass.

The patient’s horrified shrieks, while muffled, were spine chillingly distinct.

“NO! NO KITTY CATS! Don’t pet them, no no no no don’t pet THEM! FERALS, I tell YA, seppo ferals, ferals, KITTY cats DON’T PET THEM … please, please please … why couldn’t it be ME, WHY WHY WHY, No more kitty CATS!.”

The litany faded away to sobs as the patient slumped in the corner, exhausted from this latest outburst. Dr. Ross watched with clinical detachment as the technicians fussed over their roomful of equipment; video feeds across all spectrums, biometric sensor readings, psi energy output. “Hell, Dr. Ross thought, I think there might even be a Geiger counter in there.”

No one knew the Patient’s name; he had been brought in several months prior apparently suffering some form of psychotic break. He was found wandering around Brisbane, accosting people, alternating between screaming and clarity, demanding that they direct him to the ‘gold plated hovercraft’ because he was in ‘the circle of trust’ and that the ‘feral was finally gonna’ get what he deserved’. Tests of the patient’s blood identified a whole host of psychotropics along with an experimental psi-booster classified TOP SECRET ULTRA. When the lab results tripped national security snoop programs Ross’ group swept in and removed the patient to a more secure setting. Now, almost one year later, as the demented rants had become more frequent and violent, the technicians, and even some of the other doctors, began to refer to him as Patient Havock.

Later, in a very secure video conference room, Dr. Ross faced several of the most powerful men in the world. Their grim visages peered from the flat screen monitors as he prepared to deliver his presentation.

“I’m sorry gentlemen, but I must report that our findings are conclusive, Patient Havock is, indeed, the cause of the phenomenon identified colloquially as ‘The Wave’.”

Questions burst from all of the monitors and Dr. Ross waited until they stilled before he continued, “Apparently, and we still don’t know how security was breached, Patient Havock was able to obtain and ingest a large quantity of the experimental psi-booster code named RHINO. The drug has rewritten his genetic code and boosted his psionic talents to almost god like levels. Unfortunately, a byproduct of that transformation is that he is certifiably insane. We have kept him sedated and there have been no further, ummm, manifestations of the wave phenomenon since the initial ‘attack’.”

A grizzled General interrupted, “But that why the hell would he wipe out most of North America?”

“Interrogation during his more lucid periods has indicated that he harbors an intense level of envy for someone living in the United States, specifically, Atlanta, Georgia. The rest of CONUS was collateral damage. All of those hundreds of millions lost because of one man’s envy.”
The General asked the next obvious question, “Well, if you have him sedated, how come the Wave is still standing?”

Ross replied, “Quite simply General, we surmise that it stands because Patient Havock and the Wave are connected at a fundamental atomic level and it will continue exist as long as Havock is alive.”

With that pronouncement Dr. Ross left the conference room as the discussion to follow was way beyond his pay grade. The decision was not long in coming, the directive was couched in innocuous bureaucratese, but the end game was the same – Patient Havock was to be euthanized as soon as possible.

Dr. Ross watched as the killing drugs were introduced into Havock’s IV. He listened as the interval between the beeps of Havock’s heart monitor and respirator grew longer and longer. On a monitor on the wall a video feed from a ship stationed off the west coast of the U.S. showed that the Wave had begun to oscillate more rapidly as Havock’s life ebbed.

At the moment the solid tone of death echoed in the operating room the wave simply disappeared as if it never existed.


4 April, 2009 - Posted by | Pepsi Challenges, Without Warning

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  1. Nice Touch, Rhino… I love it!

    Comment by Tygertim | 10 April, 2009 | Reply

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