The Mini-burger

FanFic in the Birmoverse

Kids! – Oldsinger

Mrs. Zazbog skittered down the hallway of her plasma yurt.

She skidded to a stop in front of her son’s room using her dominant stilt to balance her torso globe. She peered inside with her ocular stalks and her globe glowed with frustration at what she saw.

“Tralfaz, how many times I have I told you not to play with your interdimensional energy bubbles inside our yurt!”

Her son, on his little tripod stilts, quickly spun his torso globe and his ocular stalks shook in surprise as the first thought wave from his mother hit his sensor antenna.

“Sorry, mom. I didn’t mean to make a mess.”

Mrs. Zazbog shook her her dominant stilt at her son as she telewaved at him, “well, clean up those bubbles and take the generator outside.”

“Ok, mom.”

Mrs. Zazbog hopped and skipped back down the hall. Tralfaz turned his torso globe back toward his cubby and pointed his dominant stilt at the largest bubble in the middle of the floor.

“Oh, well. It was a good bubble too.”

The sharp pointed end of Tralfaz’s stilt jabbed at the bubble and it vanished with a faint blue light that flared and vanished.

Tralfaz grabbed his bubble generator with his tentacle, held it close to his torso bubble, and bounced out of the cubby.
On Earth:

“…it’s the Wave, sir,” cried Ronnie. “It’s gone!


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