The Mini-burger

FanFic in the Birmoverse

The Long week – GirlClumsy

Shaun drew on the joint, breathing the rough smoke deep into his lungs.

He crossed his eyes, trying to blur out the frustrated form of Jamie, striding about on the faded brown shagpile in front of him.

“It’s aliens, man. Fucking aliens.”

“Dude. I don’t fucking care. Turn the TV back on.”

Shaun barely flinched as the remote hurtled into his gut.

“Fucking… be that way!”

Shaun hit the standby button as Jamie stormed off into the kitchen.

“…scientific tests have reportedly come back inconclusive. UN experts based in Europe admit the Wave is like nothing the planet has ever seen before.”

Jamie shoved his head round the door. “Fucking TOLD you it was aliens!”

Shaun sighed, and took another deep breath in.

“All right man, you’re right. Fucking aliens, ok?”

He exhaled. “It’s going to be a long fucking week.”


4 April, 2009 - Posted by | Pepsi Challenges, Without Warning

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