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My Heart Will Go On – Savo

Manny and Larry were sitting in a bar in Reykjavík.

“You know what it was,” said Manny
“Huh?” Larry was a bit pissed.

“You know what caused the Wave,” persisted Manny
“What are you talking about?” groaned Larry

“The Wave, that thing that made America go away.” Manny was being a bit too cheery for the topic.
“Yeah?” Larry was now just feigning any interest.

“I’ve seen the satellite pictures, I know the physics.”

“My heart will go on.” Manny took a deep swig of his beer.
“I love you too.” Larry opened the Racing Guide in the local paper and turned away a bit.

“Nuh,” said Manny, pulling at Larry’s shoulder “It all started with that expose that Clive Cussler wrote about a load of Americium smuggled onboard the Titanic.”
Larry looked up from the Racing Guide, “I don’t read books”

“When the safe had corroded enough to release the Americium, the radiation hit that big ruby that Kate Winslet threw overboard, ‘My Heart Will Go On’ and whoosh!”
“Whoosh?” repeated a sceptical Larry.

“Whoosh, the radiation hit the ruby and just like in a laser, the photons have become coherent but resonating at 1.73gigahertz, the ultimate brown note and since it was refracting underwater, the radiation cone took on a tear drop shape and there you have it.” Manny was looking very pleased with himself.

“Maybe,” Manning Pope, a newly minted physicist shrugged and went back to reading his journal.


7 April, 2009 - Posted by | Pepsi Challenges, Without Warning

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