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Chapter 10 AA Fan Fic by Havock

Havock fanfic.


Chapter 10
Situation Room United States of America.

The chief of staff was eyeing off the President very closely, Jed, thought he could see President Kipper visibly pale, when General Murphy had levelled the issue at Blackstone’s feet. President kipper leaned forward slowly in the plushley upholstered directors chair in the Battle lab reaching forward he grabbed the glass and a water pitcher off the central lazy Susan centred on the conference table gently pouring himself a glass of water.

Jed watched as his mate, the President, The Engineer and Commander in Chief of the US military machine gulped down the cold water, all the while, his mind ticking over the issue…that had now raised its very ugly head.
Placing the empty glass back on the table, President kipper turned his chair to face his Chief of staff and Colonel Rall’s.
“Colonel Rall’s, lets tell Admiral Ritchie we have some issues here and will come back to him shortly shall we”.
To anybody who might have been studying him, Colonel Rall’s facial expression betrayed no sign of emotion, a simple “ Sir”, was all that emanated from the Colonels lips as his spun neatly on the polished suspended tile floor in the battle lab, generating a small squeak from his highly polished shoes, before he proceeded towards the door, out passed the two heavily armed air force security guards before closing the solid sound proof door behind him.

Turning back toward the speaker phone on the table the President spoke, “General Murphy, Colonel Rall’s, I take it that the surface fleet that’s currently steaming for the east coast can be stopped”, President Kippers tone was flat, it was a mere question.
Colonel Murphy spoke first over the speaker phone, “Mr President, it most certainly can, we have assets available to easily send each of those ships and their flea bitten cargos of unwashed to the bottom of the Atlantic Sir, but I am more concerned about the bigger picture, which that fleet Sir is most assuredly part of”.
The President rocked back in his chair, quite obviously taken aback by colonel Murphys last statement, “ Go on Murph, you have a theory I take it”. The President shot a look over to Jed Culver, shrugging his shoulders as he did so, Jed Culver’s look  back at the President was a mirror image, just raising his hands palm up, which elicited a small smile from President Kipper.

General Murphy came back on the conference telephone just as the door to the battle Lab opened, immediately the Colonel was cut off, or in this case muted as the fully automated security system, stopped transmissions being hear whilst the battle lab was not secure, in this case, it was Colonel Rall’s entering the secure area, quickly stepping through the door the Colonel strode up to the President, while one of the attending Air force security guards locked the door behind him, stopping beside the President colonel Rall’s handed over a sheaf of paper, scrolled across the top were the words, ‘Its done, he’s not happy though’
The sheaf of paper snapped taught in the Presidents hands, the Chief of Staff, watching both the President and Colonel Rall’s as the paper was handed over, sucked in a whistling lung full of air as the paper stretched in  president kippers hand, sufficiently loud enough for the President to hear and immediately look over at his chief of staff.
“ Yes okay Jed, message loud and clear”.
Jed Culver took that as his signal, leaning forward,
“ well Mr President, you must have known just how well it would have gone over with Admiral Ritchie, to be brutally honest, I’m surprised that Colonel Rall’s here had any arse left at all, it was really a one way mission”.
Jed Culver now leaned back into the chair, a satisfied look across his face.
“Fine Jed”, the emphasis on the word ‘fine’ easily detectable, “ I had that coming, but I’ll be dammed if I have to continue putting up with that pompous arses stupid fucking games, it’s a never ending fucking saga and one that I have grow very very tired of”, the President hands waving across the table as he delivered his burst.

It was Colonel Murphy who stepped up the lions plate first, “Mr President, if I may”.
President Kipper’s tension visibly bled from him when General Murphy chimed in over the conference phone, “yes Murph, please continue, sorry you had to hear all that”.

There was a slight pause before General Murphy came back over the conference system,
“ Mr President, the item which concerns me most is why is that fleet there Sir,, its world known that we are not out of the intelligence business and that side of the coast Sir, has possibly more recon and radar assets than any other place on the planet, save possibly for the Northern end of Australia and we all know only too well why that place is an electronic storm of detection, but Sir, there must be a part be to this operation that we are not yet aware of and the fact we are not aware of it, concerns me greatly Mr President”.
President kipper, now infinitely more relaxed leaned forward some, clasping his hand on the oak board room table, “ do we have any idea at this point Murph, I’m as much in the dark as you are, but you are the military professional, what’s the possible’s and maybes that are floating around in your head at this point”. President Kipper was clearly on a fishing expedition here thought Jed Culver, who up until this point had merely sat back and watched the whole exchange take place, so the far thought, Kipper was doing alright.
“Excuse me Mr. President, General Murphy, if i may”, it was Colonel Kinnimore who had been quietly sitting back in his armoured Striker command vehicle listening to the conversations transpire across the secure com’s link, who had spoke up.
“Shoot Colonel”, said President Kipper, as if it was a mere garden variety party conversation.
“ Well Sir, we need to look at what we know now, the object is to deny your enemy knowledge of what you are or are planning to do, those big boxes of SAM’s on the surface vessels have cracked open that tin of worms somewhat, because we know they are TEXAS based units sir, the painting over of the units marking was half arsed Mr President and if Blackstone knew how badly it was done, he wouldn’t exactly be happy, that’s a big break Mr President, something our Intel community can start to run down”.
President Kipper sat perfectly still during Colonel Kinnimore’s brief, but like everybody else either in the room or listening, he suspected that more was yet to come.
Suddenly very animated, President Kipper sat bolt upright in his chair, the brief un telegraphed motion startled the Chief of staff causing him to flinch, his eyes widening to fish bowl orbs.
Looking straight across with a wicked grin on his face, the President started at his Chief of Staff, “ what know Jed, you look like somebody just electrocuted you”, still grinning, the president forged on.
“ So Colonel Kinnimore, lets continue shall we, I take it you have further thoughts on possible courses of action we should be taking, without doubt, I hope some crystal ball gazing as to what that persistent pain in the arse down South is probably going to do as well”.
Jed Culver and Colonel Rall’s were both seated on the President left, looking forward towards the opaque glass walls of the battle lab, which had only turned this way due to electrical currents being ran through the glass. Normally the glass was clear, allowing all occupants of the lab to view the various screens and staff down in the new situation room. It was little know, that not only did the electrical current act as instant shutters for the battle lab staff, blocking vision, but the electrical current formed a barrier of white noise, removing any possibility of eaves dropping with electronic devices, either in or out of the lab.

Colonel Kinnimore came back up on the speaker phone, “ Yes I do Mr President, I should point out Sir, I am usually required to run all this via the chain of command”,  Colonel Kinnimore’s voice was suddenly drowned out as General Murphy’s voice burst into the conversation, “ Colonel  both I and I am sure the President fully understand the position you are in, however, given the circumstances and …back ground or historical issues, there will be no downstream consequences, are we clear on that”, General Murphy had attached added emphasis to ‘that’, making sure Colonel Kinnimore understood, he could freely speak his thoughts….at the moment at least.
President Kipper spoke up as soon as General Murphy had stopped speaking, slightly irritated for being beaten to the punch and also for the general speaking for him..Something he would deal with at a later date with General Murphy and now was certainly not the time.

“Colonel Kinnimore, General Murphy is right” the president paused momentarily, “please, it’s a frank discussion, which will remain here, that other issue will be dealt with in the very near future, I need your best call on this colonel”, President Kipper leaned forward to the speaker phone and toggled the mute switch, “Colonel Rall’s nothing of what has been said leaves this room. Are we clear?”
Colonel Rall’s nodded emphatically, “Sir! Crystal”.
“Good, then let’s see if we can’t get this show on the road eh”, President Kipper leaned forward once more and toggled the switch back to active.
“We are back on line gentlemen, Colonel Rall’s, please continue”, said the President.

Colonel Rall’s continued with his briefing, 2000 miles away in his command carrier, he shot his second in command a raised eye brow look, ‘here goes nothing thought Colonel Rall’s’.
“Mr President, as you are aware, we had the recent meeting with the Australians and the Singaporeans, from which we reached the Barrier Agreement, that being an addendum, although not public to the SOSO treaty. The Southern Ocean Security Organisation treaty Mr President needs to be activated in my opinion, or at least have the participant countries notified we plan on its activation”.
Colonel Rall’s now had the Presidents full and undivided attention, likewise his chief of staff’s, the agreement the Colonel had referred to was not a lot unlike the old NATO arrangement, which with the original wave had all but evaporated, certainly after several of the European countries had gone into internal meltdown. Even more so, when America had asked for help, it had been the Australians and Singaporeans, plus New Zealand, which had stepped up to the plate, and a little know country called Borneo, or rather, Brunei.
The price was steep on initial inspection, but the finer undisclosed details of the new treaty had been exceedingly fair as far as President Kipper was concerned and the resulting stabilisation and securing of trade routes, harbouring of American assets and personnel has taken place swiftly…but not without its own fair amount of bloodshed. ‘God knows’ Kipper thought, ‘there had been stiff opposition from several countries’, the most objectionable being India and the China, resulting in a series of small clashes, which the Aussies with American and Singaporean help had swiftly addressed.
Two carriers from India lay at the bottom of the Indian ocean, testament to RAAF and RAN dominance in the arena when supplemented with the treaties participants, china had not at that point taken notice, it did however, when its south China sea surface fleet was struck by RAAF F111 long range bombers one day out of harbour, courtesy of USAF long range tanker support and USN Intel on the fleets position and composition. Whilst the RAAF had lost 4 precious birds, the PLAN had no fewer than 12 ships sent to the bottom and protesting form Beijing had evaporated overnight.

Whilst Jed Culver looked like he was giving birth to a cow, President Kipper Spoke up, “ I take it that you have a section of the treaty in mind Colonel Rall’s and a reason for it?”. President Kipper extended his hand out gesturing for his Chief of Staff to settle down some, before Colonel Rall’s spoke again.
‘Here goes though the Colonel’,
“Yes Mr President we do, we have been working this up for some time, as various Intel indicators whilst not really conclusive, has suggested that Blackstone may well be selling large volumes of military equipment to both the various warlords, but also a little known group, supported by some South American countries plus China and India Mr President. As you know Sir, both countries not that long ago had their collective noses kinda bloodied Mr. President, whilst that is a short term issue, I would and it still seems to be one of the issues driving them, more so with our very ego driven South American brethren.
“Continue” Colonel, said President Kipper.
There was a slight cough over the teleconference phone, as Colonel Rall’s cleared his throat, quite obviously nervous, “Well Mr President, I’ll start with the western theatre of operations Sir, if you can bear with me somewhat here Mr President”.

President Kipper merely continued to clasp his hands neatly on top of the conference table in the situation whilst Colonel Kinnimore prepared to continue with his brief, “ Fine Colonel, but let’s make it today shall we”.

Clearly only mildly annoyed with the delay, President Kipper looked over to Colonel Rall’s, “colonel might we look at the availability of the Australian and Singaporean ambassadors, I have a sneaky feeling we might want a face to face meeting later on in the day please”.
Colonel Rall’s stood up and gathered his briefing notes, “yes Mr president, I will get on it straight away”, Colonel Rall’s pushed back in the meeting room chair, tucking his folder under his left arm as he strode to the battle lab door.
There was once again a brief pause as the security system shut down the conference call whilst the Colonel exited the Battle Lab, leaning over towards the President the Chief of Staff Jed Culver quietly spoke. “ Mr President, nicely done, I have a feeling that we might want this next part of the briefing kept under wraps for a little while longer, I do however trust Rall’s implacably…but they fewer the better at this point Sir”.

President Kipper looked his chief of staff in the eye, the twinkle in the Presidents own eyes very clearly evident to the Chief of Staff, he knew full well what he had done.
The clicking of the conference system brought both the President and Chief of staff back to the moment as the security locks were disengaged.
Colonel Rall’s was obviously ready, although Jed Culver thought he could hear some papers shuffling in the background.

“Mr President, General Murphy will be able to confirm the follow as we have traded information on this over the past months Sir, but our TO & E is as follows”.

“Sir, in the Indian ocean we have the facility at Diego Garcia, this is now populated  with a combination of US and Australian personnel Sir, the base is fully supported by the augmented Australian Western fleet Sir. From an operational perspective it’s the most active base we have, current flying surveillance over the trade routes and providing logistical support for the multinational force occupying the Suez Canal Sir”.

“I won’t go into specific details unless it’s really required Mr president, however, the forces deployed are sufficient for the land operations in the ME theatre, moving east sit we have the base now completed at Christmas Island, which is Australian territory Sir, we have British and RAAF Air units based here Sir, mainly AWAC’s and some tankers, plus a 12 Aircraft contingent of RAF Tornadoes.  Their primary job is surveillance Sir, though the RAF can conduct maritime strike from the island with their birds, sustained offensive operations would require extensive resupply. It’s more a case of keeping an eye on the Indians as well, plus we have the pirate issue which is being dealt with rather robustly”.

“ but its the Australian mainland which is the really big one Sir, as you will be aware, both the Australians and the Singaporeans have units in Brunei, we have been referring to this as Borneo United, as with the collapse of Indonesia, Brunei assumed control of all of Borneo with Australian and Singaporean assistance. Malaysia was somewhat pissed at this, but have accepted that given the arrangement of forces and their own economy  they had little choice”.
We have contingents, all be it small, in Singapore Sir, the Aussies have a small surface fleet there as well, primary concern is pirates at the moment, but we believe bigger issues are at foot and I will cover those as we get to the crux of what I think is the pending issue Mr. president”.
XXXXXXXXXXXXX chapter cont:
President Kipper stood up and stretched his arms out, quickly given his head a circular work around resulting in a very audible crack!, “ Ahh, thats better, ………….. now Colonel Kinnimore, let’s try speed this up somewhat if you could please”.

Sitting back down, President Kipper motioned to the security guards standing at the door for a cup of coffee. The taller one on the left, bent his chin down, and spoke quickly into his microphone, then nodded back at the President, this resulted in a thumbs up from the President.
The teleconference phone came back to life once again, as Colonel Kinnimore spoke.
“Mr President the reason I have started in the western theatre of our operations, is that I believe the whole thing is linked, in short Mr President, I believe we are on the threshold of multiple issues, from a Military stand point, surfacing in the very near future, all part of a very co-ordinated assault on the United States Mr. President”.
That got the Presidents attention, the last few lines of Colonel Kinnimore’s brief, rang like a series of massive fire alarms inside both the Presidents head and that of his chief of staff.
“Okay, you now have my attention Colonel, please do go on, let’s hear it all” said President Kipper.
Colonel Kinnimore’s brief last for another full 20 minutes, during which time, calls were booked for the President to contact the PM of Australia, Britain and Singapore along with a full session of the joint Chiefs and the heads of the Australian defence forces as well. President Kipper’s mood had darkened…severely.
The President was pacing the Battle Lab, whilst talking with Colonel Kinnimore and General Murphy, his chief of Staff Jed Culver had already exited the room and was currently talking with the secretary of the Treasury…….trying to work out just where the US stood financially and what the coming costs would be, should they have to go to war.

President Kipper stopped his pacing and leant forward over the conference table, placing his two hands firmly palm down on its surface, before speaking. “ Colonel Kinnimore, general Murphy, if I understand this correctly its highly probable that everything we have faced to date is merely the preamble, and we expect that the possibility of attacks through Alaska, from the Southern American states, closure of the straits of Malacca, possible attacks on mainland Australia and to cap off your theory, a move North by Blackstone with an intent to sever the united States in half at best, is what we are facing……have I heard you gentlemen right”.

President kippers head was bowed over the table, his posture, was that of a man shouldering the burden of the first US President post the wave and the numerous, multi head hydra problems that had ensued.

There was silence over the teleconference system for 2 or 3 seconds before General Murphy spoke up, “ yes Mr president you are correct, the key to this whole issue will be their timing sir, we will if this plays out like we think have advance warning Sir, things like closure of the Malacca strait or even the Suez Canal Sir, will be the opening moves. We know they want to further weaken us financially Sir and those triggers will let us know”.

It might be prudent Mr President if we have colonel Kinnimore and myself fly out to you Mr. President, our operations that we have progressing at present can still continue Sir, I think we really need to start planning our moves Sir and beating these guys to the punch, its Nation states at play now Sir, those elements in new York…well Sir, its clearly evident now, that move was just designed to chew up our combat power as much as possible Sir”.



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  1. Said it before. Nothin’ got blowed up. I do like the set up of an overarching strategic imbroglio. Makes for more stuff getting exploded next time.

    Comment by Therbs | 10 November, 2010 | Reply

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