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Flipper’s Bitch – AA Fan fic – Roger Ross

Rhino Fan fic.

Flipper’s Bitch
By Roger Ross

Based on Characters Appearing in After America by John Birmingham. Also Based on Characters Appearing in Secondary Mission WW Fanfic Cmdr Havoc by Andrew “Havock” Porter.

WARNING – Some NSFW language and situations. You have been warned.

Financial District, Manhattan, New York City Federal Controlled Area

“Tell me, again, please, why it is you dragged your half-recuperated carcass out of bed to go on this fool’s errand?”

The very large man wedged behind the wheel of the dented and dusty Range Rover battled with the shift in a futile attempt to slow down in time to weave around the mid-street pile-up of taxis that would never take another fare, a losing battle from the sound of grinding rising from the gear box, just scowled and mumbled around his cigar, “Well, Miss Jules, word was they was lookin’ for some rated seamen to help out on some search and rescue ops and I was sick of lying around and I figured you were probably bored too and it might be nice to spend a day at sea to blow the stink off us as it were”.

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Chapter 10 Continued: Havoc AA FanFic

Chapter 10 Continued:

President Kipper thought about what Colonel Kinnimore and General Murphy had just finished briefing him on, he was also pondering the coming telephone calls he was going to need to make.

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