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Desert Sunrise, by Steve Kerr – AoT

Desert Sunrise by Steve Kerr
2nd FanFic Festival entry posted December 1, 2006 at 7:14 PM

Trepidation, fear trepidation and not a little anxiety.

Not the same fear inLos Alamos, no,.. not that,..thats was more of the Orwellian cum Machiavellian deal the Yanks had to prevent the secret leaking out….


The secret,..


THE secret,..

To quote that Astronaut from the OTL “One small step for a man,..-”

One Lurch toward nuclear extinction,..


A case of there being a fait-accompli…

having Given America andBritainthe Bomb,.. it was now turn to father the Bomb for home. The Soviets had it, and the vaporisation of L’vov showed that they would happily strike first.


To Squeeze the ball of plutonium so tightly that it would erupt forth and give birth with extreme violence.


Violence such as had never been seen in this desert.


“Detonation in Thirty,.. Twenty-nine,..twenty-eight..”


Australian uranium gave rise to the Australian made plutonium from theJervisBayandMountIsareactors and reprocessing facilities, Australian design, manufacture and assembly of the bomb components.


An Australian Advocate in 1941,.. pushing the world unknowingly into hell bent destruction.


AnAustralia, determined to never again to cede an inch of her territory,or a drop of her blood, without a bloody and unholy price to be paid in the form of vast cities, whole peoples and nations burnt to a cinder,blasted out of existence and fused forever into glowing molten glass.




Mark Oliphant MBE, Order of Australia, genius and patriot.


“Two..One. Trigger”




In the space of milleseconds, where there had been the flat shrubby terrain of the Great Victoria Desert at Maralinga, South Australia gradually warming up in the heat of morning, a heat like that of the heart of the sun, a small supernova flashed forth as a ball of superheated fluidic plasma,searing the sand directly beneath the device into a liquid glass. Small marsupials and any rabbits now part of a greater mass of atoms about to be converted along with the bomb and its man made accoutrement.


Then came the Shockwave, the actual explosion. The real kicker, as General Groves had put it to him.


Expanding at close to Mach 1, the Shockwave of irradiated air combined with the atomised plasma of the bomb and everything within the blooming ball of plasma pushed itself out in all directions. In a few short seconds there gave rise to the cloud that looked just like a rapidly growing mushroom.


Inside the hardened bunker some distance away from the blast, Oliphant was simultaneously relieved, elated and disgusted. Looking away to the wall at the back of the test bunker.


Relief, for the thing worked.


Elated, That it worked and it was all our own effort in the building. A deterrent.


Disgusted,What sort of era had he just ushered in forAustralia? No, not theDisarmament one he did later in his other life. Fear? Or was he helping to build FortressAustralia, the last bastion should civilisation give way to nuclear Armageddon?


Conflicted, he thought, letting out an unconsciously held deep breath.


“On the whole Mark,.. very well done,.. congratulations are in order for you and the whole team” the eloquent, resounding statesman’s voice came, over the cheers and war whoops of some of the younger science and military types.


Marcus Oliphant was a deeply troubled man with no easy ear to call upon right now. No one to lend a sounding board to his deepest thoughts, his internal monologue.


“ I guess all i can say is thanks,..” Oliphant offered “ if you’ll excuse me minister”


“Mark, None of that Minister Guff Please… get enough of that from my aides”


“No problem Gough,.. if i can excuse myself to check some of the data returned from the sensor equipment”


“Surely,.. you’re the only man right now who could tell us if it worked properly at all,.. we will have to chat later then”


With that Defence minster Edward “ Gough” Whitlam, Member for the Seat of Werriwa was alone briefly.


Real independance,.. much like De Gaulle in the other time. A “Force de Frappe”

Franceof the anglophone alliance. Except the courage ofAustraliawould be measurable in direct contrast to the “Cheese eating surrender monkeys” of the transition era.


No dictating to byBritainor theUSA, being belittled as some sort of junior partner or an idiot cousin not to be trusted with the car keys. And this was a pointed message to that psychopath in the Kremlin, Stalin or his buddy, Mao. You may attack us, butMoscowandBeijingwill die with you in them.


What the room of scientist didn’t know was that last week the missile project in Woomera, just down the road paid dividends. Scored the Quinella.


A Solid-Fuelled Missile was tested secretly. It’s warhead bus impacted on target nearNauruperfectly. It could strikeRussiaandChinawith a degree of ease, if not complete accuracy.


“Air Vice Marshal Caldwell, may I have a word?” he called out over the hum of the crowd.


With that, Defence Minister Gough Whitlam partly made his way across the room, and started history.



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