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Uprising – Bangar

Uprising, by Bangar
Bangar1st FanFic Festival entry posted July 1, 2006 at 9:04 PM
It started in the South.

Fueled by of all things science fiction. The great writers of the pulps dismayed that their bright future wasn’t coming, that in 80 years that there was no World Government. Wars, famine, and mankind’s constant inhumanity to man continued unabated. Mankind was only just returning to the moon after a 40 year absence. So their writings turned dark, their golden age had happened. All their works were still there but their hearts had broken. A dark age of science fiction began. Asimov crafted tales of world controlling computers manipulating people, events and information towards unknown ends. Heinlein distanced himself from his later works and told his stories of dominating governments and cybercorps grinding society down. The writers followed down the path, and conspiracy theory flashed across the comm nets,each followed by one more wild. The distrust of government, corporations and banks followed, soon any large agency was suspect. Fear and suspicion ruled everyone, and when reports of troops firing upon mobs started appearing as secret comms everyone believed, though no other information could be found about the massacres. The governments lost control as rumor became fact.

It was their one uniting wish to destroy government and corporations. So the mob became The Uprising. Forming in the South they gathered and moved North taking what was needed and collecting more and more citizens on their way an unstoppable army of individuals.

Serge stood on the rise and forced back the connection to the NET. It was easier further from a ‘node but it still took effort. Everyone knew the interface was sterile but people still scratched at it unconsciously. He stopped and enjoyed the moment free but still tagged, still part of the whole, but at this time he was mostly himself not totally of the whole.

That ended as Terry moved up the slope the NET encroached on him until he was the chief field commander no other thoughts could be more important, facts of troop’s positions,supplies,direction of travel, opposition to be faced was what he thought. A moment, a step and the information was processed his orders were issued without a word. He knew how many would die, how many injured, how many survived on both sides not to the nth degree but more accurate than anything else before the NET.

The move north continued as unstoppable as the glaciers that continued their creeping centreway. Serge ate food without taste and walked out of camp, as he left his mind cleared.  There were no sentries, there was no need, the NET had seen to that. He was still part, but with effort and distance he could be he. It was the entrencheds’ failure that the NET actually was the will of the people, not control of the will of the people. Serge liked to be apart, most were happy as part of the NET. He liked to think about the way the NET worked, the only reason he had come to, why the NET had a physical leader was people expected it and the net was providing what they wanted. When the entrenched looked like losing control they instigated their backup plan, unbelievably the alternate conspiracy buffs were right, government mind control was going on, just in the wrong time line.

It was in a small hollow area he found, that he was least connected. He sat and squatted savoring the moment of self. It was a long time since he last remembered his self. Serge checked himself over, wishing he had a mirror to see his face. It was a long road but a better road than being a meat puppet to the unseen. He remembered his  capture at a protest. At first he thought the troops were firing tear gas, his next thought why shoot it behind us, the answer pumped adrenalin through him, to trap us for the slaughter. As he looked for a way out the cannisters fell amongst the crowd and they started to drop, despite his efforts he to was engulfed.

The NET was perhaps mankind’s greatest computer, though a computer that wished to dismantle itself. It could take flawed data and still come to correct decisions because it’s componentry was human, this enabled it to process in a way no other computer could.

He was dropping behind and as he did so more of himself came back. Was the NET giving him time to be? It seemed ludicrous but the NET did behave in seeming illogical ways at times, saving wounded when it could save material by not, organizing families and not installing interfaces, if he could have thought at those times he would have been astonished but he wasn’t always capable of thought, only rare moments like these. The uprising was continuing to move north and lose people as it went but also gaining, mine enemy will be my friend.

There had been setbacks as cybercorps and government opposition adapted to their tactics and joined forces but the mind of the NET drew on the memories of all it’s members so that as it had grown, it’s power grew. The  critical mass was well past.

A pause and stop. Serge no longer thought of his past life the road could only lead forward from here. The end was near and after, well he didn’t know, they used the NET as it used them. Would the NET even wish to end or like all organic life struggle to survive.

The NET was not intelligent as such, it functioned more in the way of a hive mind. Each person a functioning element and remote hand, but still a voice that was heard. Combat squads acting as one. Support squads bringing in supplies, burying the dead, treating wounded, infiltrating ahead gaining knowledge of what lay before. In a way it fulfilled the promise of communism in a way communism never could, from each according to their abilities, for each according to their needs.

It was the end. There was no more opposition for they were now either dead or part of the uprising. The only question was what was the NET going to do. It had complete control now and nothing to stop it continuing.

The cost had been high. Billions dead. The Northern States ruined. The opportunistic enemy thrown back, to never threaten again. Every supernode was now destroyed but the interface served as micro nodes so the NET will was Dispersal. The human race would survive in this new ice age but no longer as pieces of the whole, more that they where the whole of the pieces.


9 September, 2011 - Posted by | Axis of Time

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  1. Return…

    From savo on 07/01/06


    From Bangar on 07/01/06

    I agree Dark but at least from the dark it makes the light clear.
    Sorry I haven’t yet managed to read all the other stories, that’s tomorrow (and maybe more than), I’m looking forward to reading them.

    From Lobes on 07/02/06

    Touch of the Matrix in there.

    From yankeedog on 07/04/06

    I still like it, even though it’s dark. One of my faves so far, but it’s hard to choose.

    From Bangar on 07/05/06

    I think it’s about impossible to choose, so many stoies looking at different elements and consequences they all fall into different categories (with the way my mind works it is hard to compare apples and oranges other than apples are great in pies, oranges not so great). I hope all enjoyed writing their works as much as I enjoyed reading them.

    From MickH on 07/08/06

    Yep good point Bangar, great effort by the way!
    Have another go!

    Comment by savo | 9 September, 2011 | Reply

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