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Battlestar Galactica Crossover: The Home Coming by sparty

1955 Edwards Airforce Base, United States of America 


Kolhammer appreciated the irony. It had been at this very spot that Roosevelt had awaited the arrival of the representatives of the fleet from the future, now he stood on the same spot – but the other side. Well lets see how this plays out he thought. 

President JFK stood next to him- his boss and line manager. It was strange but the country has almost wanted to keep with the original timeline order of Presidents. Truman missed out due to Roosevelt’s newly acquired longevity, Eisenhower was seen both as a pair of safe hands before the tidal wave of social change really hit its full momentum, and also as a safe bet in facing off the Soviets. But Ike had become a one termer- not quite up to all the new challenges. It was JFK who relay seemed to relish the possibilities that the visitors from the future had brought. His oratory promised more than recovery or stabilisation- it promised a genuine move forward, combining lessons from the future with the drive of the present. Even Kolhammer had been impressed by this, like the so called environindustry  bill that accepted the need for massive increase in the industrial base and subsequent pollution, but capped it by 1965 when alterative energy sources would be phased in. It was forward thinking like that that had made it easy for Kolhammer to accept the VP spot. It had been along time since Kolhammer had been second string but since quite room activity had made a significant contribution to Kennedys election…. Even so he ha nearly turned him down – until Kennedy had mad one simple point- “Philip, I need you as VP- because if something happens to me………….” 

After that it had been simple to take the oath on a cold January morning….. 

A aide broke into the reverie- “Mr President , Our Raptors report visual on the targets, airfield in three minutes”. 

JFK spoke to Kolhammer in his usual Massachusetts drawl- “I hope they don’t decide to tangle… 

“So do I Mr President- I didn’t like risking our last two on this mission either- but it may be important for us to show that we really are far more advanced than the Soviets…” 

Out on the Runway apron the secret service were tense. This wasn’t Dallas but on the other hand what was coming was a crack pot commie with a mail order carbine. 

They all listened to tower speaker piping out cockpit radio traffic. 

“Jeez did you see that, he just lit afterburners and just boosted away- “ 

“Tailhook to base – w we’ve just lost visual and are….” 

The rest was drowned out as the noise of multiple engines descended over the airfield, two cigar like shapes raced low, they reminded Kolhammer of an old corvette, sleek, low slung and shark like. 

The engine sound changed as they came round on a second pass, slower this time and made a conventional landing flanking a new, more cumbersome vehicle. 

Jack began to walk, Kolhammer cautioned him back, “let them come to us”. 

The two pilots of the smaller craft approached first, hands empty but you got the impression they could reach their obvious side-arms quickly if needed. A solitary figure approached from the larger craft, without helmet and dressed in a dark blue stiff cotton jacket. 

As if on cue the pilots removed their helmets, Kolhammer was aware of the President sucking in breath as blond locks fell from the head on the pilot on  the left. 

Both leaders stood forward  

“On behalf of the United States, I welcome you 

“Thank you Mr President, on behalf of the Twelve Colonies I thank you.  

The new arrival looked up to the constellations above, clear not obscured by the smog near most cities, 

“And might I add on a personal note may I say it’s good to be home”. 

The White House 


“ and that is why I have chosen to give these people asylum here in the United States, and I hope that the whole world will follow suit. Thank you”. 

Hail to the Chief played and the camera red light went off. air. 


JFK stood up and walked over to Kolhammer  

“So Phil, the people will get used to these shocks soon” 

Well more coming, Kohlhammer thought, remembering their first briefing they’d had on board the CIC of Galactica.  

The visitors said it was a ragtag fleet, but most earthers could hardly believe that- but Kolhammer could. He recognised the signs, machinery patched, stations manned by officers too young.  He had been briefed and read the logs. They had fought long and hard and taken unbelievable casualties. They had, what was their expression “rolled a hard 6” too many times, and Kolhammer didn’t think they has too many left in the bank to roll. 

Galactic AirGroup briefing rooms 6 weeks earlier 

Admiral Adama stood at the podium….. “So as soon as we detected the quantum signature- which was your transition event, we set course-  its strange to think that in your original timeline we sailed past missing you completely by hundreds of light years”. 

“Of course we expected a more advanced society than….. I’m sorry I meant technologically advanced society, however its remarkable how similar we are- even down to language.. (oh frak thought Adama, I’m sounding so condescending). Anyway we are just glad to have found you”. 

Roslin stood “thank you Lee”. 

She addressed the earth contingent, “Mr President you’ve heard what we’ve said. We want to stay but we won’t force ourselves on you. Our presence brings great danger to your planet. If the Cylons should find a way of tracking our signature through the expanse… 

Kennedy stood “Madam President, please stop there. The United States offers sanctuary to the oppressed, the hunted, the victimised. We stand for freedom and fall for liberty. You are human, and I am a Caprican, We will pay any price for freedom, and will consider any attack by the Cylons on Galactica as an attack on the Earth itself” Kennedy smiled conscious of his own self-plagiarism. “and so say us all”. 

Roswell Airforce Base, New Mexico, Hanger 17 

Baltar finished looking at the wreckage.  

He looked up at Lee Adama and Kollhammer. “It defiantly was a Cylon scout”.  

“How long”? 

“well based on a multitude of factors, the expanse , quantum exposure  and 

“how long DOCTOR” 

“well I’d  say we could expect  

The Doctor paused as if in mid-thought. Kolhammer had seen his sort before- scientists unable to concentrate for all the distractions going through there brilliant minds 

“6 maybe 7 years, scouts maybe a little earlier”. 

Kolhammer stood rigid. He had half a decade maybe a little longer to ramp up the industrial base, train an army and plan a defence against an alien empire. 

Darkside of the Moon 

Yeager had lost both his flight elements, jumped before they even knew hostiles were in the area. The Cobra fighter he was in was basically a “dumbed down” Colonial Viper using General Electric Turbos and Westingtonhouse flight controls. It was 100 times faster than the prototype Phantoms he’d been flying at Test Pilot school , that was until he’d been pulled from that duty….. 

Try as he might he just couldn’t shake his pursuer, damn he hadn’t even been in a position to bring guns to bare, he thought about trying one of those fancy immlemans, spinning 180 on zero axis but he knew that he would be toast before he could boresight the target, skimming craters like he was, was only delaying the inevitable and he couldn’t even take to a chute – chute CHUTE. Damn that was it! 

The Cobra pulled up in an arc, rising away from the moon swapping the danger of low level flight for the inevitability of being caught in opposition sights. The pursuer tucked in close 

Yeager looked down into the cockpit and punched the button marked “drogue chute jettison”, and spun the Cobra round to face…… 

Starbuck who swore as her windshield was covered by red and white material, propelled by the back draft of Yeagers turbos, simultaneously her ears were deafened as a high pitch tone rang in her ears, telling her she was dead. 

She rocked her viper shaking the chute free- Yeager was nowhere in her sights now,  

“Sonic- that was the most irresponsible stunt I have seen- you could have taken us both out – on a damn training mission- I should bust you down to ensign”. 

Yeager winced in his cockpit- the thrill of mock spacecombat had made him react rashly- he knew it had been too big a risk to win what was essentially a game 

“but we’ve got to many of them already. Kara’s eyes lit up as she smiled. “lets do that AGAIN!”.

Editing suite, LA 

Julia Duffy, looked down at the shooting script and pressed play on the VCR. 

“Hi I’m Julia Duffy and tonight I want to take you behind the scenes on the joint task force”. We’ll meet young Admiral Adama, who will tell us how he grew to lead the fleet after the loss of his father. 

INSERT – Combat footage of Lee Adama shouting orders on the Pegasus CIC 

We’ll discover how our brave fighting men and women are allies together in preparation to meet the Cylon threat. 

INSERT – Group of USAF pilots having a waterfight with Starbuck. 

We will also learn how the Colonials delivered a devastating blow against the Cylon home world 

INSERT – CGI animation shows a Star flaring and engulfing an adjacent planet. 

And finally we will get an expert assessment of what threat the remaining Cylon fleet poses. 

INSERT – General Curtis LeMay sitting in an oak armchair – “if you ask me the Cyon war machine is finished. Their homeworld destroyed, viruses have knocked out their ability to reproduce new units. All they have are one Resurrection ship and 5 BaseStars, our boys will nuke em back to the stone age”. 

Julia muted the sound – the doc was a fluff job, but a good one – she’d been given great access on Kolhammers orders-  and at least it would give the network a break from wall to wall coverage of the McCarthy Cylon witchunt hearings.  

Of course there was alot that wasn’t in the doc. She remembered being in Helo’s bunk 

There was no smoking so it had been just conversation afterward. 

“so you still don’t think we have a chance”. 

“nope, I reckon our arrival has just condemned you and us to death or slavery”.  

Karl continued  “You haven’t seen the Cylon fleet in action – they guard that resurrection ship like an egg basket- which I guess it is, their last one infact. They fight harder now. Two Basestars never leave its side and that still leaves 3 to take us on. 

“but that’s not bad odds I mean a battlestar can take a basestar can’t it.” 

“yep but not in the shape we are in compared to them. Plus that’s what they want to do. Trade off in attrition. Once they’ve got us and the Pegasus out the way, it will only take a raider full of Cylons to take the planet. And they will have a lot more than that left.” 

“Why have they come as a fleet in the first place” 

“Simple. They still need to keep the resurrection ship relatively close in strategic terms although not close enough- I’ve lost a lot of pilots going after that egg basket”. 

“we wont give in” 

“face enough years under Cylon rule and you will” 

Remembering that conversation made Julia reach for a cigarette despite the no smoking sign in the editing suite. 

Damn, Julia thought- why does it feel like I’m back in that field in France- and the Cylons havn’t even arrived yet. 

Beach House, Carmel, California 

Mike and Karen Judge greeted Kolhammer warmly as he walked to them as the Huey rotars spun down. 

Inside they talked. “wow you really are the least VP VP I’ve ever seen.” 

“Well Mike, the role has changed – everything has”. 

Karen eyes darkened. 

“We know- how are the new optics we shipped working out” Mike asked. 

“Good, good, great targeting tool, equipment wise we are on track” 

“So whats not on track.”  

“Personnel. We need top command crew. The Pegasus needs an exec used to how we operate, but able to adapt. No contemporaries fit that bill. So it has to be one of US. I want someone up to date on the technology but with aggressive instincts – I want my best captain up there. 

“Philip I’m flattered you ask but the Clinton was a long time ago now…” 

“Mike I wasn’t thinking of you”. 

They both turned to Karen 

Karen inhaled a breath. “Exec you say.”  

“Yep the captain of the Pegasus is solid but out of her depth.” 

Mike looked at her – he didn’t have to speak for her to know he was shouting no. 

“If they get within range of Earth we are screwed aren’t we”. Karen responed. 

Karen looked at the picture of her daughter Suri on the wall. 

She remembered the Cylon breeding chambers from Julia Duffies documentary. 

“Can I round up crew from the Trident”. 

“I don’t want to lose people from RDN projects but yep – we need the Varsity up there. 


“We think we know where the Cylons maybe and plan a force recon in three months time- so to get up and running.. 

Karen Judge-Halabi cut him off. 

“I’ll go now”. 

Mike spoke “Karen, wait” 

“If I wait, you’ll ask me not to go and I won’t. But I have to” . 

Episilon Iridani system Three Months later 

1st officer Karen Halabi turned to Captain Dewaller.  

“The recon Viper isn’t going to make it back before the Cylon scout gets to our position- we have to jump now”. 

If we jump Goose is stranded. 

“She’s a good pilot she knows how important it is the Cylons never know we were here. She knows what she has to do. 

“The telemetry… 

“We have enough” 

“OK, Halabi, give the order. 

Halabi turned to the jump officer 
“Lieutenant, Goose is broken spear, make the jump. 

The West Wing         One Week later 

Halabi ended the briefing “So that’s it sirs, the disposition of the Cylon fleet.  
They will be here in nine months on the current heading but if they come directly three months”. 

JFK stood- “thank you Commander Halabi and we won’t forget the sacrifices your crew made. 

JFk addressed the cadre of allies surrounding his desk 
“OK we need that plan”. 

Room 606 The Watergate building Later that night 

“Am I glad those secret service agents are discreet- they must have heard that”.  

Kennedy rolled off and began to dress in front of the broad in the bed. This sort of thing was harder to do these days but damn he had pressure and needed a release. And boy did that blonde find his release- and she’d been magic on his back it felt better than it ever had under the attention of Bethesda naval doctors. She had great hands and an incredible knowledge of human anatomy – in and out of the sack. 

OK hun, I’ve got to run –  a country actually –  feel free to order up room service and stay as long as you like.  

The blonde smiled 

“by your command Mr President”. 


Harry removed the visor and tore the sensory inputs from his temples. It had just been like playing the video Games his youth. Strange how games designers back then had pretty much guessed what an alien ship would look like! 

Kara swabbed his temples with alcohol, He felt comfortable with her- most women were slightly overawed by the Prince who would never be king as the tabloids dubbed him- she wasn’t, why should she- coming from across the galaxy. 

“so reckon you know it now” 

“well yes – although I keep forgetting much clearance those Cylon shoulders need going through basestar pressure hatches. 

“Well you took down that last patrol fine but instead of turning when their back up arrived you should have just swivelled your torso – might have saved your shiny metal ass”. 

“For Christ sakes Kara- I’ve spent 15 years telling yanks its arse now I have to start again with you lot”. 

Kara laughed. 


Kolhammer Looked across the table at Lonesome. 

“You didn’t take long getting them working together”. 

“Nope you know the Marine Corps must be pretty standard the Galaxy over Philip” 

“I like the new moto”. 

“Yeah, I didn’t come up with that they did” 

“They are good people all of them” 

“Yep and lets be honest how many of them are you going to tell me to sacrifice”. 

“A lot.” Kolhammer leant forward- he outranked Lonseome in every way but somehow when it came to sending Marines into combat he felt like he was asking permission of a protective father.  

“We need the Cylons to think that Wolf 359 is our forward base, a genuine colony- If we get the timing right ,the Flares from Bernards star will mask our approach and we will catch a significant part of their fleet engaged in littoral duties. Might just make it an even fight by the time they get to Earth.” 

“Might , if……you aren’t going to be facing those fucking tiger tanks on legs” 

“I know- And I know how prepared your guys are with the live fire training you’ve been doing with the reprogrammed models”. 

“but Lonesome- its got to look right – if Operation Oak Sasso is to succeed” 

“that operation is of questionable military value” 

“You’ve seen the Colonials- they may have survived but they still feel beaten. If we can pull it off  – they’ll believe again – and belief  seems  damn important to these people”. 

“if you’re wrong about them taking women prisoners” 

“I know but Lee is convinced they will”. 


The Tent shook with another concussive force. The Radio operator looked up at General Jones again. “Sir the Raptor is ready- you really must leave – It’s a direct order from POTUS sir”. 

“calm down son” “Tell the Raptor to take the MEDVAC casualties, we wont be  needing it again, This hill looks a fine place to fight.” 

Marine Stingers had forced the Cylons to land their troops in the valley below not on the high ground. Now thousands of them marched up in skirmish order. As Jones stepped outside to survey the scene he noted that it really wasn’t that much different from any hill in any conflict the marines had fought him. 

He shouted over the cacahopony of battle- “Hold your until you see the reds of their eyes”. 


The survivors of the boarding action were led out of Colonial One. An inquisitive observer would have noticed that they were nearly all women just a few men among them.    

Number Six also noted this. She knew later the men would have to be culled but at the moment it helped to have the prisoners peaceful and not agitated. 

She directed them to he holding cells where they had their one remaining Colonial prisoner  – a seven year resident. The battle raged below on the planets surface but Six was pleased that they had caught this ship in holding orbit – too close to the planetoid’s gravity well to jump away on its FTL drive. 


The door opened on a timed delay and Harry and Starbuck stumble out ice falling from their thermal suits which were now heating up to maximum temperature. 

They were too cold for small talk. Thrace checked the equipment hidden under a simple tarpaulin. 

“It checks out Harry, now lets go get two live ones”. 


The Two centurions periodically turned away from the approach to the flight deck to gaze inside it once every 3 minutes. Like nano clock work Harry thought. At 2.58 seconds after there last turn, Harry dashed out from cover, Kara moved to cove him but to be honest if he didn’t make it before they turned back… 

10 yards….. 5 yards…… the cylons began to turn back, 

With one pack in either hand Harry charged with both arms apart. 

Kara saw Harry embrace both Cylons 


Harry rubbed salve on his arms- superficially burned from the static discharge from the to limpet stunners he had clamped onto the cylons. 

“Did it work” he asked. 

“They are rebooting now”. 


The two Cylon Centurians marched down the basestar corridor. They stopped opposite the detention cells. Both raised their indigenous sidearms and the door blew off its hinges. A dozen or so dazed Marines looked through the smoke-  Lt VA Richards was the first to approach. Tentatively he spoke to the Cylons – “If that’s you Harry – say hello” 

The Cylon executed a pretty accurate Sandhurts salute. 

Richards spoke again “We think he’s next door” 


Back in Colonial one cargo bay Kara with Visor still on turned to Harry- “let me do this one”. 

Through Karas visor she saw the door explode as she fired. The bedraggled figure in the corner looked resigned to his fate.   

She inhaled breath – he was so thin compared to the last time she had seen him. 

As he stood to embrace whatever fate he thought awaited him Kara whispered words to her self she knew he couldn’t hear yet. 

“Lee says hi”. 


Harry was returning pulse rifle fire, he was done with virtual soldering now- well the Cylons had made that decision for him blasting “Camila”as he had knick named his Cylon, from under his control. Pity really he’s become quite attached. Also running about corridors was a young mans game and he was well past that. 

He shouted into a mic- “Starbuck we need those engines!” “Now” 


Colonial One shot out of the hanger deck twisting and diving as she emerged like a fighter not the transport she was. 

The transport weaved between the lines of fire between the Basestar and Battlestar that had jumped into the system. 

Admiral Adama looked out from his window in Colonial One at the sceptical. He had never expected to see stars again let alone a flight of Vipers race past his window. 

Inside the lead Viper, Chuck Yeager spoke 
“Sonic to Red squadron – form on Colonial one until it jumps then recover to the Pegasus –  I don’t want a single raider inside our screen you hear.” 


Halabis eyes streamed from the smoke. Strange, as much as she had seen combat on the Trident she’d never seen battle damage on her bridge. Well she had made up for that now. Half her staff lay injured or dying. A medic looked up from the prone figure of Captain Dee.  

“Nothing I can do for her”. 

Halabi surveyed what was now her command.  

“Are the recovery raptors back from the surface” 

“about half made it back sir” 

“ok tell Red Squadron to turn tail and get aboard- Blue needs to cover us while we jump, they can recover to the transport lying dark on the farside. The solar flares should have hidden it so they have a good chance”. 

“we done enough damage for one day” – and taken it Halabi thought. “engage the FTL” 

The Pegasus jumped away from Wolf 359, fourth nearest star to the Earth, leaving the wreckage of two basestars and assorted vipers drifting in radioactive dust. 


Julia Duffy typed in her last sentence 

“Although the war has only just begun, the Cylons have been dealt a stunning blow. Perhaps more important, the rescue of Lee Adama’s father, architect of the Colonials escape from Caprica has proved that for both our peoples, resistance, is far from Futile. 



The Battlestar Pegasus drifted, its entire starboard side aflame. Three surrounding Cylon base stars let an unending stream of ordnance pour into the crippled hulk.

Admiral William Adama tore his gaze away from the high definition Fujitsu Video screen the Galactica now had installed in the CIC and looked at his own situation board. The plan had been a good one, perhaps even with a chance of success against the expected four Basestars- but six had just been too much.

Halabi’s charge had been brave but in vain, with her manoeuvring engines knocked out she could no longer hope to even ram one of the Basestars.

He knew that in a few moments the Pegasus would be no more and then the Cylons would concentrate on the destruction of his own Battlestar. The Galactica’s FTL drive was beyond the repair of anything but a major orbital dockyard, and the nearest one, if indeed it still existed was 100 light-years away. No, there would be no last minute escape, no reprieve. A few surviving Vipers were re-arming in the hanger bays – Adama wondered if Starbuck had managed to bring her crippled craft home or if she had opted to attempt to make an emergency landing back on the shiny blue planet below.  It was time to roll a hard six, but this time there were no more dice to be had.





Jack Kennedy lay in bed, straddled by blonde hair. It was time for talk now.

“We plan to evacuate a limited number. On the Colonial’s ships. The Pegasus will stay but the Galactica will go. I want you to be on one of those ships.”

Lorna, as he knew her, Six as a Cylon would, looked up. “Oh Jack really, should I go?”

“I think so. It’s secret- no one knows, but we have to ensure the human race survives. My men will come for you when its time”

Kennedy began to absentmindedly stoke her back, but it wasn’t that that made Six smile.


Kolhammer and Adama had been arguing for three hours now about the best strategy for defence. Finally they had reached a consensus, The plan went against the natural nature of both men, but had just enough boldness that it just might work. Kolhammer knew he would have a hard time convincing Kennedy and the allies that instead of using the hundred or so Cobra fighters and pilots that Earth had painstakingly made and trained, to screen the earth from the Cylon raiders that were expected in the attack, that they should actually be thrown at the attacking Basestars with no thought to defense of the Earth. For his part Adama did not expect it would be easy to give his Galactica crew the “Cut and run orders”, or demand the sacrifices they had just decided the fleet needed to make if they were to have any chance of prevailing.

“It’s a fine ship you have here Philip”

“They are all fine ships William”.

Adama paused for a moment as he watched the flight operations on the deck.

An A4 SuperHawk catapulted off the flight deck just as a Colonial Raptor landed vertically. Funny that- the Clinton hadn’t seen any of its own 21st century Raptors since the disastrous operation in the Sea of Okhost

“I bet you wish we had never come”

“I once wondered the same about the Americans of this time. No, its not my place to- its our fault really – without a transition event you would never have spotted Earth, no if anyone is to  blame its us- and even that’s unfair – put it all down to an angry Pope if you want”.

Kolhammer allowed himself a small smile for that.


Baltar listened to Six in his head.

“You are missing something”

“What am I missing apart from clean sheets, a shave and a normal life expectancy of 80 years”

“You think that planet down there is the only birthplace of humanity don’t you?”

“Well actually I do – actually you do to if you remember”

“Earth is the birthplace of humanity”


“Not THE Earth”

“What do you mean – not THE earth?”

“There are more worlds than these”

Baltar paused, thought and finally realised.

“Guard – Guard I have to see your Captain immediately and not just your Captain- we’ll need chief Tyrol as well”.


Duffy sat outside the cage. Two Cylons- both human models, that had arrived on an unarmed, unannounced raider were inside. Adama had decided to space them and they knew it.

The Cylon known as D’anna spoke.

“We came because we believe this planet to be holy as well – You don’t think we came all this way to destroy it.

“But you have a fleet ready you said so your self” Duffy snapped back.

“D’anna replied. “We wanted to offer terms that might suit both sides

Duffy interrupted – “voluntary slavery – They aren’t TERMS”

Brother Calvin now spoke “look we know you are going to fight- you know we are- but we wanted to appeal  to your leaders not to use the thousands of nuclear weapons that you have waiting – that will do no one any good”.

“It does us some good – if it stops you”

“You know that it won’t- we have time on our side”.

Bloody time, Duffy thought – time she thought defiantly had never been on her side.


Kolhammer walked into the main control room – very different from the one in his own time – which had been strictly functional and nothing like the movies imagined it. This WAS how the movies had imagined it, they had even used some of Kubrick’s set designs in its construction. Expensive but it had been worth it to put some awe into Soviet visitors during the “perestroika” exchanges.

“Welcome to the gate room sir”-

The Airforce Captain who greeted him must have been an up-timer to have that sense of humour.

Lee Adama, at Kolhammers side looked uneasy.

“I know- it looks like a lot of computing power but we are hardened and will isolate before the Cylons come – we knew enough, even before you arrived, not to link our strategic weapons up to AI systems.”

“I know Kolhammer”. Adama looked at a pair of head phones.

Kolhammer predicted what he was thinking.

“We will have selected feeds piped through”.

“My place should be on the Galactica”

“That’s how I felt every time the Clinton went into battle, but you know that both ships will be out of contact – its here we need to be”.

“My father…”

Kolhammer interrupted.

“Your father knows that if we survive, your people will need a leader – someone who speaks for them”


Captain Karen Halabi-Judge held the large receiver to her ear.

“So how is she handling Mike”

“Good. From what the Colonial boys have told us, the Cylons are unlikely to use nukes against many population centres but will target major military facilities – at sea we have a much better chance – especially with our augmented point defences and of course being in the Pacific means we have the C3  solved for that part of the globe – I hear you old ship is doing the same in the North Atlantic”.

“She is Mike – her Daleks can’t wait to shred some Cylons.

They should have both laughed at that but didn’t.

“I have to go Mike – I’ve got an important guest arriving”.

“Take care Karen”.

“You too Mike”.

Halabi put the phone down, fleet com net wasn’t the place for the goodbye that needed to be said and headed towards the hanger bay for to meet her visitor. She remembered the surreal conversation she had had a few hours ago.

Her Comms officer had announced that she had Balmoral on the line.

“Good Morning Maam”

“Actually its afternoon here- Captain Halabi I have an unusual request-  and although you are at liberty to say no, I’d like to inform you that it would be a personal favour to me”

Her revere ended as she reached the starboard flight deck and a Raptor hatch opened and a walking stick appeared.

“Thank you Captain Halabi, for indulging an old mans whimsy”

“My pleasure Prime…sorry Mister Churchill”.

“No apologies necessary Captain, now show me our happy new few”


Harry was glad this hunk of ice he was walking on only had one 5th earth gravity. The 10K yomp would have been impossible in full suits otherwise. The drop had gone badly, the pilot of the transport had miscalculated – 20 mph might not seem like much in astronomical terms but when it was the speed that you slammed into a block of ice in a used spacesuit it literally made the difference between life and death. He jumped if that was the right word with a full strength Sabre Squadron – now he had less than thirty men left.

Thirty men with which to storm the base housing the 35 megawatt Cylon Mass Driver Displacer Weapon, or CMD as the briefing had called it, but Harry still thought of it as the “supergun”.

They were on their own. No capital ship could come to their support while the “gun” was operational, so yomping and some C4 was the designated solution. Harry kept his eye on the “Sharon” Cylon leading the party. Apparently she was a defector – the Colonials had had a few- all the same model- the Cylons had “retired the type because they were so unreliable.

Harry had to admit though- it was the first time he had ever fancied getting his leg over with the enemy… actually that wasn’t true- there had been that NKVD agent Natasha…….


Starbuck and Yeager stood opposite each other.  It seemed ironic to Kara that she had had to travel across the Galaxy to find a soulmate – not a lover – but someone who felt about flying the way she did.

“Ready to break some records Sonic?”

“Guess so”

“Remember what I told you about the Raider thrust vectoring in the atmosphere”

“And you remember what I taught you about flying IN the atmosphere”

Kara laughed

Yeager turned and climbed into his Python.

Kara moved to Viper One.


Starbuck turned.


Adama approached and stood next to her.

“You’ve trained them well- it might make all the difference”

“It didn’t on Caprica”

“This isn’t Caprica. And we aren’t Capricans anymore”

They stood for a moment in silence.

“Good hunting Starbuck”.



Just off Proxima Centauri, four Basestars and over 100 Cylon FTL equipped  Raiders jumped into Hyperspace. A physicist of Baltar’s or even Manning Pope ability would have found it simple to calculate their destination.

A shining blue planet, called Earth.



“Mr President it’s time”. Agent Bartlett tones lacked the usually deference. Kennedy suspected that if he didn’t move of his own volition, he would be picked by his secret service staff and carried to downstairs to the situation room.

“Ok I’m coming”. Jack turned around, he had a strange feeling he wasn’t going to see the inside of the office again. As he left, he walked past a recent addition to one of the walls. A simple whiteboard, with a two numbers on it. The first said 27,469, it had a line though it and below that there was another number – 2,350,000,000. The current population of the planet Earth.



The Emergency broadcast message came out over the school speakers, and Roslin called her class to a halt. Like teachers all over the country, she began to lead her charges into the fallout shelter in the basement of the school.



The siren sounded and Group captain Gibson ran across the concrete apron, past the Vulcan bombers to one of the eight Hawker Maelstroms that sat on the pan. His eyes took in their haphazard shape. Based on the Colonial Raptor concept but designed to fly in the upper atmosphere, they had a bulky twin set of rudders at the back to give them added stability. They lacked an FTL drive, and had a very limited range. What they did have was a powerful metal-storm turret mounted in the dorsal position and an unusual smooth object slug beneath its belly. The object looked like a hard boiled egg sliced vertically in half, the flat side attached to the hull and the smooth ovoid facing down. Gibson’s armourer had wanted to paint a message for the Cylons on the side of it – Guy smiled – apparently nothing was allowed on it – the weapon – a blending of Wallis engineering, Northrope Aerospike design and Colonial materials was a thing of beauty.

Just before he climbed into the cockpit he turned to his batman- “Keep Boxey away from the traffic”.

Once in the cockpit he keyed his mic, “Dambuster to flock, we have a go”.

The Ramjets started to power up, as the Maelstroms rolled forward.


Kolhammer watched the situation map develop- actually he watched Adama watch it. Strangely for a civilisation that had mastered the ability to travel faster than light they were almost technologically behind Kolhammer’s 21st century earth. Maybe there wasn’t actually that much difference between them  – Kolhammer was living proof mankind had mastered – well maybe that was the wrong word but at least developed the ability to punch though universes- FTL travel couldn’t have been far behind.

Lee Adama knew Kolhammer was watching his reaction to the threat board. Keeping his cool was difficult. Four base stars had now jumped in all close to the atmosphere – too close to use nukes on them without serious fallout. His father had used similar tactics at the battle of New Caprica- and they’d been lucky. By rights they should have lost a Battlestar there but the gods had smiled – Lee would be willing to bet that in all the other alternate universes they had not been so lucky.


“Basestars are closing”

Adama calmly gave his orders

“Launch all Vipers- tell them to screen the transports while they make the FTL jump”.


Six heard her identical voice over the comm net

“I’ve just been picked up and we are breaking orbit in one of the Colonial transports – Adama is defiantly running”.

D’anna spoke “let them run – they won’t get far this time- we must concentrate on Earth defenses and their nuclear capability. Ignore the transports for now.”



Kolhammer barked

“Tell the Cobra squadrons to ignore the incoming raiders – they must concentrate on protecting the Pegasus…and initiate WINDOW.

All over the United States, modified ICBMs rose from there launchers to begin there 12 minute journey to their targets.


“They have made a massive missile launch – our point defences will engage the rockets in 11 minutes”

Brother Calvin spoke “none will get through, they are wasting resources, never the less they need to be taught a lesson. Target their leadership facility”.



Harry returned to the white control station- having personally seen to the placing of the C4. He looked at the holographic display.

“whats that there?”

“It’s the Resurrection ship – its IDFF makesit visible to us here- in-fact its Intel that the Galactica should have”.

“How far away is it?”

Sharon looked at him- even her Cylon hearing was having trouble making out his question above the sound of pulse rifle fire a few corridors away.

“How far?”

“About 0.2 light years”

“Is it in range of this?”

Harry patted the console.

Sharon nodded.

Harry smiled.




Starbuck jinked as she weaved her way through the Cylon fighters. She could see most the transports making their escape, disappearing into the vanishing point of an FTL jump. Of course that didn’t make her task any easier- with less targets the Cylons could concentrate on the Pegasus

She saw some Cobras come into view, arcing up from the Earth.

“Sonic, form on me”

Yeagers voice came in over the comm.

“Sure thing, what do we aim at?”

“See the big black things?”


“That’s your target – concentrate on the hanger bays where the fighters are emerging from”


Halabi calmly gave her orders “Keep our distance best you can – avoid the main batteries”

“Captain,  Admiral Adama on Comms”


“Were jumping now H”labi – good luck”

“Same to you si….

The signal cut off and Halabi knew that she was on the only friendly capital ship now in earth orbit.



Yeager cut his full burn as his Cobra squadron cut into the raiders now enveloping the Pegasus, so far she had been doing all right but he knew her stocks of point defenses were running low and so Cylon heavy rockets would begin slamming into her huge hull.


“Cylon raiders at 80,000 feet and descending, heading west bound towards north Atlantic sea board”.

“Any Cobras to vector”

“No sir”


Nearly 300 ICBM warheads closed on the Cylon fleet, just at the moment that the point defences of the Basestars were about to engage, the warheads blossomed into millions of fragments of metallic strips.


“Captain,  the Window is working, the Cylons have just lost target lock on us”

“How is our RADUS”

“Degraded but not by much”

“Lets hope our fighters can take advantage of the confusion”


“……and there were no nuclear detonations – just some kind of ECM”

“Can you call back the strike raiders heading to Washington”

“Not through the interference”



The three Cylon raiders fired a missile each. All three warheads detonated within two hundred yards of the Whitehouse. The situation room beneath it had been designed to survive a 3 megaton Soviet near miss, not however a Cylon enhanced fusion warhead.

The 35th President of the United States once more died long before his time.


“Washington just went”

The room looked at the former Vice President, Phillip Kolhammer.




Gibsons surviving Hawker Maelstroms closed on the Basestars, taking advantage of the confusion wrought by the chaff now surrounding them. Of course the short range ECM put out by the Basestars made any guided missiles he might have carried useless. However the Maelstrom was armed with a dumb bomb. An expertly designed dumb bomb. At precisely 24,000mph, Gibson keyed his bomb release and the smooth semi spherical load left the bomb bay and let gravity dictate its journey towards the Earth, away from the Basestar. Consequently the Basestar point defenses now no longer considered them a threat and ignored them.

Guy heard his remaining wingmen confirm that they had dropped their loads as well and gave the order to break and head for home. Only the turret gunner had visual on the scene of battle now. What he saw was the aerosphere skim downward into the atmosphere like a bright comet and then, suddenly and un-powered arc back up into space bounced upward by the rapidly thickening atmosphere of the earth.

The squadron had launched four – all by visual targeting- so it was perhaps not surprising that only one hit its target- but when it did, the result was spectacular.

“Dambuster to base- one full house – repeat one full house”.


Back in Colorado, Kolhammer smiled. He had never expected the “atmosphere bouncing bombs” to work – much less the Cylons to provide targets close enough to earth to give them a target.



The 10 ton piece of dense iron ore emerged from it s short hyper space injection. The small asteroid had been selected for its strength by the Cylons as the first piece of ammunition that could be used “tactically” against Earth if needed. It was no Global killer but would level a city with no radioactive fallout.  It also turned out to be particularly resilient against the point defences of a Cylon Resurrection ship. Neither guarding Basestar had time to move to intercept and within seconds the last Cylon Resurrection ship was space dust.


Halabi  looked at the situation board. She had done her job too well. Three base stars were now clear of the chaff and were now engaging her Battlestar with main batteries.

Two more had just jumped in close behind – no longer having a Resurrection ship to guard, the Cylon fleet had now fully committed. That much was according to plan.

“Sir we have heavy incoming fire”

“Ok try to take as much on the starboard side- I don’t want the port pod hit”

“But its not open to receiving fighters anyway sir”

Halabi answered solemnly

“I know”.


Starbuck knew she was as good as dead, two raiders closing head on and she had no ammo left – both suddenly both broke left – she banked to stay in their six- as good as place as any with bingo fuel and no munitions. Why had they chickened out? Suddenly from their behaviour she knew – the Resurrection ship must have been destroyed  -this time they know if they die its for keeps – Kara smiled and spread the word across the Comm net – they were scared – now if she could only rearm……

“Pegasus- request rearm”

“Negative Starbuck – our starboard pod is heavily damaged”

Starbuck was angry

“Well what about your port”

“Negative Starbuck, its non operational”

“WHERE the hell do you expect me to go?”



Slim Jim was pleased with the window seat he had. And the important thing was that the Earth in the window was getting smaller. There was even a gorgeous blonde sat next to him – maybe the apocalypse wasn’t so bad after all. Hey if Earth won they’d come back and he’d be even richer and if they didn’t – well this was better- it had cost enough……

He turned to begin conversation

Just as the odious man to her right began to speak to her Six felt the transport turn. She thought it strange but then again multiple FTL jumps to confuse there pursuers were to be expected.



The tempo on the Cylon command hub had changed.

“New contact – it is the Galactica”

Brother Calvin spoke “I knew Adama wouldn’t really run. Order all Basestars to concentrate on the Galactic. Ignore all other targets until Adama is destroyed.



Adama watched as the distance between his small fleet of transports and the Basestars closed. The slingshot around Jupiter had worked, he had achieved tactical surprise. Now he needed to make it count.

“Launch all Vipers” Main batteries target the lead Basestar-  Vipers target the Basestar point defenses.

Halabi’s voice sounded over the comm net.

“Admiral Adama we’re glad too see you”



The Galactica and 20 transports closed on the Cylons – two exploded into debris as Cylon main armament targeting the Galactica missed and hit them instead.


Six felt the jolt as they emerged from the FTL jump. Out of the window she saw the flares of combat – why had Adama jumped back in with a fleet of civilians. Six looked around the cabin- strange – the old, and obviously sick that filled the seats were not what she would have selected to be on a life boat of humanity…suddenly she realised.


“Sir we can’t take much more of this”

Adama nodded.

“We’ve covered the run enough, full reverse, take us back out”


Brother Calvin looked on approvingly as explosions lit up all over the Galactica- in a minute or so he would be rid of Adama and then could target those pitful transports

D’anna spoke

“We have radiological alarms”

“We haven’t been hit – how many alarms?


Brother Calvin looked up at the situation board full of contacts.

“How many transports came back with the Galactica?



Kolhammer listened as the Basestars re-targeted on the transports- The operations officer was giving out a running count of the number of transports were surviving the withering fire of the Basestarssir…..Twelve left… Eleven …..

Would any get through? He suddenly had a vivid flashback to the battle of Hokkaido straits between the Japanese and the Soviets- Yes some would.


Six transports hit their targets- three detonating as soon as they hit the command Basestar- one each hit the other two. Only the last Basestar survived- knockedwith the lower quarter blown clean away.

It had been Slim Jims ship- the last thought that went through his mid had been that this wasn’t the ticket that he had bought.



Adama understood the sacrifice, particularly the elements to bluff the Cylons. The idea had come from Kolhammer-.

But the explosions rocking his Battlestar made him wonder if it was worth it.

“Admiral, the remaining Battlestars seem to be arming their nukes.

“Inform Halabi”

“Commications with the Pegasus are dead. She seems to be closing on the three remaining Basestars.

“Halt the reverse, close with……

“Sir,  engineering is out, we cant close for another 10 minutes at best.



Lee looked at Kolhammer. “It was a good plan.

“Not good enough”

“How many?”

“When they hit Caprica they used 250 –  they didn’t want scorched Earth but I guess they’ll take it – the Cylons have all the time in the world”


The Battlestar Pegasus drifted, its entire starboard side aflame. Three surrounding Cylon base stars let an unending stream of ordnance pour into the crippled hulk.

Admiral William Adama tore his gaze away from the high definition Fujitsu Video screen the Galactica now had installed in the CIC and looked at his own situation board. The plan had been a good one, perhaps even with a chance of success against the expected four Basestars- but six had just been too much.

Halabi’s charge had been brave but in vain, with her manoeuvring engine knocked out she could no longer hope to even ram one of the Basestars.

He knew that in a few moments the Pegasus would be no more and then the Cylons would concentrate on the destruction of his own Battlestar. The Galactica’s FTL drive was beyond the repair of anything but a major orbital dockyard, and the nearest one, if indeed it still existed was 100 light-years away. No, there would be no last minute escape, no reprieve. A few surviving Vipers were re-arming in the hanger bays – Adama wondered if Starbuck had managed to bring her crippled craft home or if she had opted to attempt to make an emergency landing back on the shiny blue planet below.  It was time to roll a hard six, but this time there were no more dice to be had.

Adama gripped the handrail tightly. He hoped they destroyed the Galactica before they launched the nukes at Earth – he didn’t think he could stand to watch that scene again.


Smoke filled the CIC, Halabi had  a smoke hood on. She had reports of Cylons on outer decks- they had decided to try and take her as a prize then. That was good-  it meant that they were near.

Her exec tried to anticipate her next order
“Shall I get the reactor room chief online sir”

Halabi picked up a direct line to the chief Tyrol in the port hanger pod.

“Chief Tyrol here”

“Chief- execute Kobiashu, repeat- excute KOBIASHU”


Chief Tyrol looked proudly at the 300 Meter long cyclone collider filling the pod.

He had done his work, now he watched Baltar do his.

Baltar spoke to thin air.

“I can’t do the calculations”

Six answered

“Reduce the enrichment to .25 microns and delay it for two milliseconds beyond criticality.

“But that will cause a fizz”

“No it won’t because you haven’t taken account of the impact of the ships mass on the gravity well”

“Well why do you care”

“Because my dear Baltar- there really are other words than these.



Rogas’s weapon ran dry. The Cylons were just pouring in regardless of casualties – Halabi had made it clear- keep them out of the bay at all costs. It was hand to hand now- or in this case bayonet, to Cylon steel – they were strong but he had found that a bayonet through the soft covering in front of that strobing red “eye” usually did the trick.


“Can you get the Pegasus?”

“No sir comms are out, but her FTL was defiantly out”

Milke Judge knew now he wouldn’t speak to his wife again. He also knew what she was trying to do- drive straight into the heart of the Cylon fleet and detonate the Pegasus’s engines and take some of them with her. He knew because it had been a contingency plan she had talked over with Kolhammer before she had engaged the Tirpitz battle group so long ago.

More Raiders were descending through the atmosphere, and he had no more  time to spend on personal thoughts.

“Metal storm status?”

“Rearming sir levels back up to 35%”

“OK, well the ECM is less, so the IFF should be working again – tell the Sea Cobras to make sure they only engage within our defense envelope”.

Mike spared her one last thought, -Damn it Karen, just abandon the goddam ship- but he knew she wouldn’t.


Halabi keyed the mike

She didn’t really know what to say at the moment like this so kept it simple.

“All hands- prepare for transition repeat prepare for TRANSITION”



Adama blinked.

A moment ago, three Basestars had been surrounding the Pegasus. Now she and they were gone. As if erased from existence. No wreckage. No debris.


“No Cylon Basestar contacts- no IFF on the Pegasus- the reactor wouldn’t have taken out all three and I’m reading no radiation, repeat No RADAITION..


Damn- it had been so obvious- Kolhammer thought, so  why had no one thought of it. Well Karen obviously had.

Masking his own confused thoughts and feelings, he turned to Lee- “Think your father can handle what’s left?”


With no time for a combat launch, Starbucks Viper limped out of the Galactica hanger bay. No Basestars but plenty of Raiders were up ahead.

Adama voice came in over her headphones.

“Take them out of my sky, Starbuck- all of them”.



The video stopped. Credits filled the screen.

“So that’s what happened?”- Brother Calvin asked

“Yes well it would seem to be a semi-fictionalised account and made by their Televisual services – a human individual by the name of O’Selznic. It may not be correct in all parts but we believe the majority is accurate.

“Thankyou, the intercept of the film has been very helpful, please continue monitoring”

“By your command”

The voice that uttered those words was not a Cylon model but any 21st century human would have recognised it.

It was the synthesized voice of Lady Beckham, the avatar of the Trident’s Combat Intelligence.

D’anna spoke “What do we do?”

Four Brother Calvins spoke simultaneously




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