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FanFic in the Birmoverse

Intense Parts 1-4 – Havock

I suspect that the Killing of the prey thing might be a bit overrated and brings baggage with it. However stalking the prey is one serious adrenalin rush and an extremely fatiguing exercise. Camo up, load up, brief how are we going to do this, what happens on un foreseen contact, a final check and move out, transit is slow, don’t make noise, keep to the shadow, you’ve picked the time of day because at certain times the light through the undergrowth high lights movement, you are close to the target zone, things being to change further. What was action with some intensity now starts to be fuelled by Adrenalin. A quick brief, further assessment of the planned approach, issues noted, everybody’s tense, you are doing this whilst trying to stay un detected and watchful, move out, you’re now crawling, sweating and the flies are giving you the shits. Your buddy is behind you covering your arse, but this is no Normal prey, he will kill you given a chance. You’re scanning ever so slowly for additional threats, have you missed something; a fuck up here has permanent consequences.


I s your extraction plan right, what happens after you initiate the contact, will this go according to plan. He’s still there scanning his area; he has no idea that you are watching him. It nearly time. SHIT, “that was movement under the fallen tree”. The hearts now beating flat out, there was a second person overwatching the first.


 He’s the bait.  Fuck nearly fell for it. Christ now we have to mod the plan, Number two first, he hasn’t seen us. Time elapsed is a couple of hours. Another 5 minutes of sitting still and it would have been me getting lined up by the second enemy. Patience, you must take your time, hearts just about out of my throat. Hyper alert, Joll’s is still back behind in overwatch.  What’s he got as a weapon, not sure can’t make it out. Dumb fucker should have kept more still, bad field craft.


Scan the area further now for more, is it just a split two man o p. Look like it. Signal jolls, lets wait another 10 and see if anything else pops up. Right here we go.





The good news if you would call it that was that the new target under the fallen tree was only 15 meters away and side on, looking to essentially my left. The original primary target was 10 or so degrees further to the left and facing away. Our original plan had been to enter the previously reconned are where the primary had been spotted from the flank, as luck would have it we had come up on their 7 o’clock position or from behind and to the left.


Both targets were further down the slope and the original target was some 30 meters away totally unawares, like the other of our presence. The original brief had been to try and capture the lowest guard who was standing sentry for suspected weapons and a re sup cache.


At the time the SASR troopers had ID’ed him they had detected signs of previous enemy troops but had  not had any visual contact, hence the decision was taken that we would try and bag this sucker for Intel and whatever else we could find on site. So much for the plan. Joll’s job was to provide overwatch or covering fire and keep our rear secure, as post the contact we would break contact into this area and proceed back to the designated RV point some 800m south of our current position.


However, now that number two had been detected in an overwatch we needed to mod the plan and quickly. This was no mean fucking feat, to reverse from where I was and RV with Joll’s would unnecessarily expose us to detection and waste valuable time, we had about 30 minutes until sunset.


I Indicated to Joll’s my plan in the slowest of movements I have ever made, the upside of the Gillie suit was that hand movement to my rear could not be seen. How the fuck were we  going to do this one without copping one myself I wasn’t real sure, but the orders were specific in that we were to take all measures possible to obtain the prisoner alive.


The other consideration that goes with this is that IF the prisoner is incapacitated and unable to walk we would have to carry the fucker out, not high on my to do list, better to have him tied and gagged and walk his own arse out to the RV point was my thought.




With Joll’s in overwatch and lined up on the potential prisoner I would take out the fucker in the tree on the ground, immediately after this I would draw a bead on the lower target and put several rounds around him whilst yelling at him to drop his weapon. This should take no longer than 2 seconds, the danger being that I would have little time to ensure hat the overwatch soldier was dead and no longer posed a threat. Not the most comfortable scenario.


However, given the potential prisoner soldier was looking away from us he should not be able to detect the source of the initial contact, thus leaving me free to fire around him, I had already made up my mind that at the slightest inclination of him NOT doing as requested I would shoot the fucker and worry about the Boss later.


“Phutt phutt phutt”, the three rounds exited the weapon in one brief almost imperceptible burst, the action recycling being almost louder than the subsonic rounds transition out of the barrel. For one brief instant the target rose and then with the successive impacts toppled over. Immediately I began swinging the barrel of the MPSD5 to the left lining up the primary target 30 yards away.


The action cycling or quite possibly the noise of the first soldier falling over from his squatting position ha alerted him to a possible danger. He wasn’t sure or else his movements would have been a lot swifter, before he had completed his full rotation back toward me I shouted “freeze on the ground now” and loosened another burst of three rounds “phutt phutt phutt” into the ground on his left. He visibly jumped and for one brief instant I thought that he was going to bring the M16 up almost  depressing the trigger again.


He froze, scanning the area and gradually began to lower the rifle to the ground, he still could not see me and with relief there was no return fire from anywhere else. At this point with the weapon firmly trained on him I glanced from left to right looking for additional signs of movement and target, Joll’s would be doing the same. Now the 16 was on the ground and he was standing fully erect, visibly shaken and looking straight at his overwatch man.


“Turn around and lay on the ground” I yelled at him in a voice loud enough to be heard but not wake the whole fucking neighbourhood. As he completed turning around and getting to the ground I broke cover and whilst keeping the weapon trained squarely in his back quickly walked down to him in a semi crouch position whilst doing so keeping to his right so that Joll’s would be able to provide cover fire should another contact me made.


The contact had lasted perhaps 15 second so far and the clock was ticking, I felt exposed moving down toward his position, whilst moving stoping at the other soldier and removing his hands from his weapon. This bloke had a MAG 58, this heavy version machine gun chambered in 7.62 would have made short work of either of us and was capable of putting down a fearsome amount of fire power. He appeared dead, bloodstains already spreading across his Camo shirt and onto the ground. No signs of breathing as I rolled him over and briefly checked the pulse at his neck, the MP planted firmly to the side of his head, No life.



My ear piece Crackled “H  we’ve got an enemy patrol just crossing the ridgeline on that track we crossed, I make it  an 8 man group and it looks like they have 2 LMGS , 4 RPG’s and they’re about 2 minutes out. We’re not compromised yet but move your fucking arse”. “Rodger That Joll’s I going for the prisoner cover me”. I stood up and immediately sprinted down the right hand side of the path to the prisoner. FUCK and enemy group that size with  2 guns ( LMG’s) plus those fucking RPG’s that nearly every whacked out Asian nut job wanting to meet Allah carried on our case was not part of the plan. As I bounded the last 5 meters to the prisoner I unsnapped the ammo pouch from under the Gilly suit and extracted two pre set zip cuffs and a roll of duck tape.


 As I skidded to a halt beside him on one knee I pressed the barrel of the MP to the back of his head, “don’t move one fucking muscle or your dead”  He nodded, I then grabbed each hand in turn putting them behind his back, looping the cuffs and zipping them shut. “fuck time is running out I reckon I have about 1 minute until they will be in visual range and then we are fucked. “Joll’s how far out are they”. Don’t know H they entered a small depression half way down the ridge, but you’ve got to move your arse”, Rodger that Mate”


I rolled the prisoner over and immediately saw his insignia, Fuck! these guys are Kopassus, Indonesian special forces Thugs, exactly as the Intel section had briefed us. I immediately held the gun to his nose and put my fingers to my lips in the quiet signal. Letting go of the weapon I tore off a section of duck tape and whacked it across his mouth, then grabbed his webbing and hauled him upright.


His eyes were bulging now in shear terror at what was and might happen, I reckon the little prick was no more than 20 years of age. I pushed him back up the right side of the track at a run to the position of his dead mate, tripping him over and into the under brush face first. As I jumped in behind him I lent down to his ear and said ”ONE word or movement from you for the next 10 minutes and I will cut you in fucking half.


“H “ it was Joll’s again he’d picked back up the patrol cresting the small ridgeline below the gully the patrol had disappeared into. “ what the fuck are you doing”. “ Joll’s we cant out run’ em with the prisoner, Let’ em get into the clearing, they will be looking for their buddies, when I open up with the 58 it will be at the tightest group, anybody standing on the outer or that looks like an immediate threat you take out.  Once they’re all down I will clear them all, grab what Intel we can, this prick here and we’ll fuck off as planed”.” Rodger that H you’re the chief”. I immediately cocked the 58 and made sure a round was chambered, flicked of the safety and lowered my self prone.


I knew that Joll’s would be prepping himself as well, the 40mm grenade launcher under the F88 steyr he had was going to come in handy.


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