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  1. Transition

    At 15 January 2021 01:10 AF and 20 November 1942 09.03 AH, as a result of an unexpected intrusion, by an anthropomorphically generated primordial Schwarzschild degenerate field within the Heim/Pope continuity-now/space of 04232567.002AF and 0423567.002AH, a gross mass of approximately 1.059×1029 gm was exchanged between the two continua. Along with this large amount of seawater, sediment, crustal basalt, nitrogen, oxygen, sodium chloride, huge numbers of fish, crustaceans nematodes and innumerable Lithotrophic and Archaean bacteria types, approximately 385,000 tonnes of futuristic (to AH) 21 Century equipment and nearly 15,000 personnel were delivered to our ‘universal’ shores.

    The low mass value of the transition was primarily, and serendipitously, as a result of the analogously synchronous relationship between orbital, geomorphic and cosmological relationships between the two AF and AH continua and the failure of Pope to fully engage the energies he had at his disposal. It is believed the, approximately, 15 kilometre ball of atmosphere and lithosphere from our AH continua, was transitioned to the AF continua, synchronously with the UNPROFLEET. It is not known where the fluxed AH mass touched down in the AF continua and it is yet to be established where the mass transited to the AH continua came from. Fermi1 has calculated the transited AH material’s core appeared 6,365±15m from the centre of the AF Earth. Fermi has calculate the radius of the Uptime’s AF Earth is of similar radius to ours (AH).

    The finally fabricated matrix of Pope’s transition was unstable and incapable of creating a self generating ‘poised’ Lorentzian worm hole, due to it being developed energetically, rather that through mass compression2.

    Records carried by the ‘Uptimer’s’ suggest the Pope ‘test’, was running at approximately 0.1% efficiency of the available energy locus. This is fortuitous for both the AH and the AF multiverses, because Heim’s equations demonstrate that 100% efficiency would have displace a sphere of matter centred on Popes apparatus over 2000 kilometres in radius of crust, mantle atmosphere and ocean with disastrous results to both continua and any echo3. There is no current defence against any other multiverse ‘accidentally’ conducting a similar experiment that could infringe on our reality.

    The immediate results of the Transition are historically well documented. Popular literature in the form of books such as Jack Kennedy’s “Kohlhammer and Me”, “Freaks” by Clyde Tolson, and especially the seminal “Transition” by Julia Duffy and Bob Hope, cover the period. Cinematography’s outstanding contributions are covered by Biggs’s ‘Are people Sheep’, Francis McDonnell’s ‘The Longer Trail’ and the currently in production: John Ford adaptation of ‘Transition’ – ‘Weapons of Choice’ starring John Wayne, James Dean and Hope Lang as Julia Duffy – due for release Sept 1957. Attenborough’s 12 part television series ‘Axis of Time’ is surely the final word on the subject.

    A minor instability in the transition flux between the two continua has resulted in a .000001%±.000005, inefficiency being recorded in all of the fusion reactors on board USS Hillary Clinton4. This discrepancy could result from the calculated difference in radii5 of the Higgs Boson AF and Higgs Boson AH which appear to have some bearing on the discrepancy in time between the AF and AH multiverse.
    Pope’s ‘Transition’ appears to have triggered the appearance of the Multinational Fleet and associated dutrius in the 0423567.002AH (ours) multiverse which resulted in deviations from the expected (AF history) time line. Echos6 have been detected by Heim etal through their X-Ray worm hole experiment, in 1805AD and possible as distant as 3247BP (Before Present).

    1 Enrico Fermi and Albert Einstein ‘Calculus of the Ages’ 1957 (Pan MacMillan) “the mass and harmonics, that is the mass expressed in grams and the spatial and multiversal coordinates expressed in universal ‘ticks’ and galactic XYZ, that ‘transited’ in the transition of 1942 (AH) was close, so close to being a disaster, one must strongly consider that it was a Divine intervention that prevented the bulk of the material appearing above the lithosphere or with substantially greater kinetic energy than out multiverse (AH) or the primordial particles had a different spin, or charge or electron mass. Of ALL of the infinite possibilities, the Uptimer’s (AF) multiverse is so close to ours as to be only temporally anti-synchronous.

    2Recent experiments (1958) at the Heim Campus of the Special Administrative Zone MIT (Boston) have fabricated stable Lorentzian worm holes through mass condensations to continuity now/space at 0423567.002AH-6h. So far only polarized soft X-Rays within λ 10-7mm have been broadcast and ‘grasped’. No communications have resulted at this point

    3Heim, Ancker-Johnson, Condensate matter and the Pope Echo (Williams, Boston 1956.) Covers the relationships between Einsteinian mass/energy and Meyer-Schutzmeister, Bohr quantum/ticks

    4Heim Erdélyi and Brache have postulated ‘echos’ repeating certain quanta conformancies centred around massive metallic cores combined with neutron/Tarrateen subatomic tachon/parser particles generated within fusion reactors through continua potentiality manifestations within the AH and AF mulitiverse.

    5Heim, Fermi and Ancker-Johnson (1954) along with Einstein and Pauling (for publicity) have calculated the differences between our AH and their AF multiverse Higgs Boson particles especially those contained within the fusion piles of Clinton and found the differences in radii correspond to the difference in time from the projected year zero 15,300,000,000,000.

    6 Heim/Fermi etal have detected what they believe are ‘echo’s’ indicating temporal(multiverse)/mass displacement (as opposed to mass/energy displacement) signifying the duplication of massive bodies from the Pope’s (AF) multiverse into what could be envisaged as the far past. There are over 15 large displacements detected but research has only quantified three. One being approximately 1805, another 2473BP . A final one has been detected as being 144 years in our future. Further research may indicate the physical location and whether their existence can have any impact on our (0423567.002AH) multiverse

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