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Uprising – Bangar

Uprising, by Bangar
Bangar1st FanFic Festival entry posted July 1, 2006 at 9:04 PM
It started in the South.

Fueled by of all things science fiction. The great writers of the pulps dismayed that their bright future wasn’t coming, that in 80 years that there was no World Government. Wars, famine, and mankind’s constant inhumanity to man continued unabated. Mankind was only just returning to the moon after a 40 year absence. So their writings turned dark, their golden age had happened. All their works were still there but their hearts had broken. A dark age of science fiction began. Asimov crafted tales of world controlling computers manipulating people, events and information towards unknown ends. Heinlein distanced himself from his later works and told his stories of dominating governments and cybercorps grinding society down. The writers followed down the path, and conspiracy theory flashed across the comm nets,each followed by one more wild. The distrust of government, corporations and banks followed, soon any large agency was suspect. Fear and suspicion ruled everyone, and when reports of troops firing upon mobs started appearing as secret comms everyone believed, though no other information could be found about the massacres. The governments lost control as rumor became fact.

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The Twentieth – World War 2.1.01, by Savo

The Twentieth – WORLD WAR 2.1.01, by Savo
Kevin Savage1st FanFic Festival entry posted July 1, 2006 at 1:11 AM


15 January 2021 01:10 GMT.


The first warning came when the medical telemetry began screaming.  The Mission Control doctor monitoring the panels reached up without really looking and pressed the reset/test button. Five seconds later, the time taken for the computers to self test, bounce the signal to the moon ordering a reset/self test on the astronaut’s neck implant and return, the monitor began screaming again.  Then another one started, and another, and another, quickly follow by more.  The doctor’s mouth hung open.  She blinked, but otherwise was frozen by what was happening.  Finally, fumbling for her mike, she called the Mission Controller.

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Operation Titty Twister by Michael Bath


2nd FanFic Festival entry posted November 30, 2006 at 1:40 PM

Operation Titty Twister

Colonel Dave Orin, USAF, pushed his F-86 D “Sabre Dog”, Sex Machine, into a shallow dive, alerted by the ‘deedle deedle’ of the threat warning indicator in his ears. As his primitive radar detection gained a bead on the source of the threat, he released a salvo of four 70 millimetre anti-radiation guided rockets at the target. Once he noticed the Jihadi SAM radar site disappear in a puff of smoke, his thoughts turned to how he came to be leading his Wild Weasel flight up the Nile Valley.

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The Sins of the Future by Joe Devlin


2nd FanFic Festival entry posted November 30, 2006 at 3:20 PM

 The sins of the future.



The world really had gone insane.


The sound of gunfire could be heard getting closer. There was no getting out of it this time. Trapped in a slum with those left wing fanatics circling …”fucking Mormons”!

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The Ayers Rock Affair (In Color!) by John Crist

YD2nd FanFic Festival entry posted November 30, 2006 at 2:30 PM
(Based on characters and situations created by John Birmingham, Mel Brooks, and Buck Henry)PART ONE

August 1954-Washington, DC

Vicente ‘Chief’ Rogas prepared for another day at the office. He hated not being able to do field work any more, but advancing age and a leg wound suffered in Occupied Japan back in ’49 slowed him down to the point where he figured he’d be more dangerous to himself than to any potential enemy. So President Stevenson and the Admiral set him up in charge of the COuNTeRintelligence Oversight CounciL, (CONTROL, for short), a group which dealt with matters that even Donovan’s folks at OSS wouldn’t or couldn’t touch. Since the Soviets collapsed in ’52, a lot a rather nasty splinter groups and terror organizations had started to sprout up around the world, and CONTROL’s mandate was to neutralize these groups however possible. The matter that the Admiral had briefed him on this morning sounded like it was going to be interesting.

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Desert Sunrise, by Steve Kerr – AoT

Desert Sunrise by Steve Kerr
2nd FanFic Festival entry posted December 1, 2006 at 7:14 PM

Trepidation, fear trepidation and not a little anxiety.

Not the same fear inLos Alamos, no,.. not that,..thats was more of the Orwellian cum Machiavellian deal the Yanks had to prevent the secret leaking out….


The secret,..


THE secret,..

To quote that Astronaut from the OTL “One small step for a man,..-”

One Lurch toward nuclear extinction,..


A case of there being a fait-accompli…

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Just a couple of paragraphs – Chris Babcock – NAoT

The drive was the same as he had remembered as a child, and if he closed his eyes, he could almost hear the non-stop music from his parent’s satellite radio drifting through their ’06 Chevrolet HHR.

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Operation Romero

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Par Ardua ad Astra by DrunkenWombat


October 23rd 1946.

Kapustin Yar Test Range, USSR



Stalin removed the pipe from his mouth.

“Well Comrade Korolev, it looks like I won’t have to send you back to the Gulag after all. Your rockets will keep those American bastards in line! And you are sure it can hit Washington, all the way from the Motherland?”

Sergei Korolev, the Soviet Chief Rocket Designer’s ears were still ringing from the launch of the Cossack I rocket 45 minutes earlier.

“Indeed Premier Stalin. And with a far greater accuracy than anticipated. We can put the atomic warhead right in Roosevelts tea cup!”


In his hand on the screen of the flexipad was the range data from the launch.  The payload had landed less than a kilometre from its target on the north most Island of Japan.

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