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When the Hammer dances.

posted 01/25/06

I was just editing a chapter of Last Good War and came across this funny little scene (at the end of a fairly horrifying chapter) where Jones and The Hammer are discussing the style of music from the future that really caught fire with the temps. Can you guess what it is? And why it took off? Remember it has to be covered by the big bands of guys like Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller (who’s still alive).



From SFMurphy on 01/24/06


I don’t get to play in this contest, do I, John.

Northtown, Missouri


From Coota on 01/24/06


I reckon it will be Latin/Cuban ala The Cuban AllStars!


From badg3er on 01/24/06


5 member boy bands achepela type things


From Birmo on 01/24/06


No Murph. You don’t, unless you can come up with a convincing red herring.


From Jesse Brocksmith on 01/24/06


I would guess that it would be Ska music. Can be kinda Big Band, kinda rockin’. (See Squirel Nut Zippers)

Jesse Brocksmith
aka Tucker Dwynn
Redmond, WA, USA


From Anonymous on 01/24/06


Yeah, Ska or Punk.


From Stevo the WA Devo on 01/24/06


Motown/Soul. Great singers Like Fats Waller and Co would have done well. A Younger Louis B Armstrong doing “Heard it on the Grapevine”? Or “Shaft”?
That or Maybe rap,.. Ella Fitzgerald and Co were “scatting” ( no that doesn’t ,mean having a perverse collecting hobby, That’s coprophilia LOL) I’m figureing those two formats would be popular with afro-american artist and therefor popular in the zone with wider dissemination into “the world” in due time.
I digress
Have a happy Aust day Birmo and family,


From savo on 01/24/06


(NOTE: the comment below is not actually from a journalspace member. Their IP has been logged.)

Big bands, lots of fellas neatly dressed, shiny instruments it has to be glam rock.

I can seen Glen Miller (since he survives) with a couple of rats tails, smooth, bit of make up. Lookin’ pretty.


From Dan on 01/24/06


Symphony Rock. I have this nasty image of Glenn Miller and his band doing a run of Metallica covers a la S&M.

Horrifyingly, they could be doing… //shiver… grunge. I think I’ll go throw up now.


From Michael on 01/24/06



You might be onto something – Metallica already have form with a massive symphony orchestra backing one of their CDs/DVDs – so it clearly translates to the orchestra format.

How about reggae? Lots of potential to integrate different styles of instruments there plus in the Birmoverse, probably a prematurely burgeoning Afro/Carib cultural awareness and feeling among the US population.


From Lobes on 01/24/06


Motown is a good suggestion, everyone loves soul/funk and its well within the range of the eras big bands. Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding all be popular in any timeline.

Jazz could also be one but I dont know that it would have the mass appeal of more conventionally arranged music. Acid-Jazz or maybe Nu-Jazz could take off though.

As far as cutting edge music now goes: Minimal tech-house is where its heading. Its kinda niche at the moment but growing in popularity. By 2021 it could be mainstream, in fact it’d probably be on its 2nd resurgence. The slowed down tempo and limited range of sounds generated would make it more ‘band-friendly’ then some genres but still listeners would likely not understand its ambience.

Techno, hardcore, jungle, electro and breaks aren’t really within the range of normal ’40s bands but some genres of House could possibly make the transition. I’m thinking Deep House, some Funky House (ie: Defected, Subliminal etc) but only the mainstream stuff.

The current massive popularity of trance is likely to extend to at least 2021. It has successfully broken out of the “drug-music” pigeon hole in a similar way that Jazz did a generation or two earlier. The sounds are out of range for a band but the progressive elements could be incorporated. Anthemic trance styles like those of Tiesto and PvD may not be duplicated but musicians would probably be impressed at the amalgamation of progressive freestyle structure with the constant bassline and incredible melodic variety. The minimalist harmonic structure makes it easier (though still not simply) recreated by live musicians.

Drum ‘n base in its milder forms would be popular but like today it probably wouldn’t seize mainstream conciousness.

Just please, please, please dont take any Britney, Backstreet Boys or that kind of trash back there. No need to repeat our mistakes. I’d rather have another cold war.


From Coota on 01/24/06


I reckon it will be Latin/Cuban ala The Cuban AllStars!


From Coota on 01/24/06


Not sure why my comment came up twice but after reading all the other suggestions I reckon I have to through my hat in with either the Jazz side of things or the Motown Otis Reading stuff…cheers

And happy Australia Day lads


From savo on 01/24/06


Good grief Lobes you are show a new and previously unanticipated side.



From Lobes on 01/24/06


Mate, I wrote the Wikipedia entry on Hard Trance.


From Ray Simonsen on 01/24/06


I reckon The Video clips of Christina, and Britney would go down well. 🙂

But thing like Groove Armada who use Brass Instruments in there music would probably go well.

Abba 🙂

Probably not Eminem 🙂


From Ray Simonsen on 01/24/06


I reckon The Video clips of Christina, and Britney would go down well. 🙂

But thing like Groove Armada who use Brass Instruments in there music would probably go well.

Abba 🙂

Probably not Eminem 🙂


From Brandon Clark on 01/24/06


Dave Matthews Band, country, Beatles, Rollingstones? Am I getting close. 50 Cent, P. Diddy, Tupac Shakur? Pearl Jam, Nirvanna, Metallica?

Oh dear god, not, Eminem, or gods worse, Moby and Fatboy Slim…..


From Brandon Clark on 01/24/06


Oh gods, not movie soundtracks like Gladiator or Pearl Harbor, though LOTR music is awesome…. Meh, I am strange…


From Lobes on 01/24/06


Yeah, Britney et al would probably take off purely on the back of the video clips. I guess thats a case for restricting TV from becoming mainstream.

Groove Armada and Basement Jaxx is a good suggestion. They make good use of live music in their performances. Very diverse sounds too.

ABBA- I like it 🙂

Most Rap and Hip_hop is a bit too far out musically (and socially) I think, but Eminems song ‘Stan’ is still awesome.

That whole laid back style like Macy Grey, Norah Jones, Dido, Jack Johnson, Michael Franti etc would be popular.

Coota and others: I think the repeat messages are triggered by use of the ‘refresh’ button. Refresh instead by using the favorites tab from the drop down to stop it. It happens to everyone eventually.


From SFMurphy on 01/24/06


Umm, how about “Go on, take the money and run?” I forget which band plays it, but it was the song playing at the Camp Casey TA-50 supply shop when I signed off the last of my active duty gear.

Or what about Electric Blue, by Icehouse? No, that is a love song. Crap.

No, not having a lot of luck with Red Herrings, John. Though I did learn to love Death Cab for a Cutie as a result of my experiences here.

Northtown, Missouri


From SFMurphy on 01/24/06


Oooh, how bout Mambo Number Five? Wasn’t that band/guy, whoever it was a One Hit Wonder?

Or maybe Sir Mixalot’s Baby Got Back.

I can see it now. Rita Hayworth saying, “Oh my God. Becky, would you look at that butt.”

Actually, I think there is a guy out there who does covers of songs just like that using a Frank Sinatra sorta 1940/1960 lounge jazz style. Damned if I can’t remember his name.

Northtown, Missouri


From Birmo on 01/24/06


This is all good. It ain’t canon, but it’s so good I’m gonna try weave a bit into the rewrite. Keep it coming.


From Brandon Clark on 01/24/06


One word, well three actually: DAVE MATTHEWS BAND… His songs would probably kick ass in the Jazz clubs of New Orleans and Harlem…


From SFMurphy on 01/24/06


Be really neat to see African-american troops listening to some rap, like maybe Funky Comb Medina. Or if you wanted to be a real sadist, you could go Michael Jackson on everyone.

Northtown, Missouri


From MickH on 01/24/06


I can see music from Electric Light Orchastra (ELO) going down well, with there big band feel to their rock, They have a unique style which would fit in well I fell


From savo on 01/24/06


FEMBOTS! we already watch the FEMBOTS! OMG have you seen those Russians legs legs legs argggg.

shattered mess.


From MickH on 01/24/06


How about marilyn manson!!!
N O T !!!



From Brandon Clark on 01/24/06




From MickH on 01/24/06


As Brendon said, I think they will go for soundtracks, think about it.
There is Star Wars or any of John Williams themes, he would be big I reckon.
Theme from James Bond
Theme from Star Trek,
any of the orchestral ones that a big band could play easily.


From Stevo the WA Devo on 01/24/06


Steve from missouri, I know a guy in aus who does covers of songs in the crooner style, your not thinking of Frank Bennett are you?

And in addition to my Motown/soul suggestion what might be popular is music in the style of the UK outfit “Portishead”(assuming they still perfom) a band in the 90’s that used an awful lot of old equipment 40’s/60’s mikes and the theremin in their stuff . they may have an appeal as their music, while “trippy” would be easy enough listening for 40’s ears…..
just a thought.


From savo on 01/24/06


Cheeseburgers: is anyone aware of any computer based war games that can be mod’ed to take into acocut the Clinton, Trident et al?


From Durand Sinclair on 01/25/06


Perhaps some regional music from a place not currently known for its music. Eg, North Korean marching music, (the hottest new retro craze of 2028). Or music from Split, the new economic hub of Europe.

But given that China and India are good bets to be big economies by then, you’d have to guess that music of those cultural styles would become popular by 2028 – certainly a fusion of some sort with rap /hip-hop etc.)

On the other hand, by 2028, the main music-buying demographic might be old baby boomers, (as they’re the only ones who’ve paid off their mortgage and have spare money for downloads). They’d be into Music To Kill Yourself By. Which is just as well, because fogeys like Benny Goodman appeal to the same demographic!


From Lobes on 01/25/06


Music buying demographic? Barely anyone with a PC and broadband buys music now, let alone in 15 years. Every time they shut down Napster, Kazaa etc a new service steps in to fulfill the massive demand for free music. As people get more tech savvy and figure out how to beat the anti-piracy devices this is going to accelerate.

The net is gonna be much more influential in whats popular over the next few years. The successful bands will be the ones who can transfer this into ticket selling live acts. So, get ready for more big stage shows like U2 and the Rolling Stones and less niche acts as the money just wont be there to take it on the road. However, the rise of the music festival (ie: Glastonbury, Big Day Out, Lollapalooza) may counteract this somewhat.

No matter how big the Chinese economy gets over the next decade I doubt anyone is gonna be listening to Cantopop outside Asia. Ditto for Hindi Bollywood soundtracks. Fusion, though, could be a winner. I recently heard a Bollywood cover of Michael Jackson ‘Dont stop til you get enough’ that was pretty catchy. Split and the rest of the Balkans are all into Techno and Eurodance which wouldn’t travel particularly well either, they’re just taking their musical cues from the west anyway.

Country music will be as popular in its own right in the 40’s as it is now, in fact probably more so. Slim Jim should be grooming Johnny Cash and Ray Charles like he already has for Elvis if hes smart, as they are much better musically. The 1940’s saw the emergence of Black Music that was the precursor to Rock n Roll. Little Richard, Chuck Berry and Arthur Crudup all conceived what Elvis took to the masses.

Personally I’d like to see more Hard Rock. I’ve been getting into The Killers, White Stripes & Franz Ferdinand lately and thats all great music that could be covered in any number of styles from lounge to dance. We’ve already seen Sasha cover the Killers and Tranced up versions of everything from the 007 soundtrack to AC/DC so I’m guessing 2021 will see more of that. The big sound lately has also been Mashups. Groups like 2manyDJs combining the output of bands as diverse as Kylie and New Order, Fatboy Slim and Vanilla Ice but I guess the novelty value of these tracks would be lost on ‘Temps.

What I’m guessing will be popular is Celtic music like the Pogues, Van Morrison, Corrs and Folk rock. Yeah… Folk music, thats whats gonna take off, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Xavier Rudd the Beautiful girls. But then again its not very big band friendly.

Final word: Its gonna be show tunes, Broadway standards, Andrew Lloyd Webber and the like. Either that or Ad jingles. They’re certainly catchy enough

Just no WWII Idol PLEASE!


From MickH on 01/25/06


Idol! ugh! shudder!

could you imagine reality radio shows during WWII. You could do survivor shows for real!



From Vallon Davis on 01/25/06


I’ll go with some Smashing Pumpikns, Tribe Called Quest, The Police, The Donnas, Eminem, maybe some Busta Rhymes and Barenaked Ladies


From kyee7k on 01/25/06


i’d say a new form of music that isn’t too harsh like metal.


From Anonymous on 01/25/06


MickH: I like what you’re saying about the net being more influential. To be honest though, I get exposed to new music either through the radio, or (more likely) from computer games. For instance, I’m now a big fan of a Turkish band called maNga since hearing one of their tracks on FIFA 2006. Because I hear it at exceptional quality through my computer speakers, rather than in crappy quality through my clock radio, I get into it more. If I had an iPod, and wanted to buy music to listen to more often, I’d go out and buy this stuff.

As more countries develop a growing middle class who can afford computers, and given the global popularity of soccer, getting your song on FIFA 2020 could be a ticket to worldwide fame. And with so many Chinese and Indian customers, surely Cantopop of some kind would feature on the game somewhere.

The only question is, how would an orchestra play it?


From Mal on 01/25/06


Definately SKA music. My daughter’s dance school used SKA in a 1940’s segment in their concert. It gave the 40’s vibe but with a more modern feel that they could dance to.


From Daily Gringo on 01/25/06


Big Bad covers of the White Stripes would be great, these basic elements that Glenn Miller could create something extravagant with. Ska’s mainly got that 40’s feel due to the brass section – cuban fusion a la the Cat Empire would be more upbeat, something to forget about all those terrorist attacks for the night. Maybe the mood is much darker though with the War hitting home – Blue Oyster Cult’s ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’ would fit it well, though that’d be more Duke Ellington’s style.

Glenn Miller would totally get Goldfrapp.

Cantopop probably won’t be too popular by 2021, in a world that is wary of a China that is potentially hostile. the Mp3 collections of the crew would likely represent tastes formed in the early 2010s, and China’s cultural projection would still be very limited in comparasion to America’s pervasive presence.


From Brandon Clark on 01/25/06


What ever the contemps adopt, it has to be widespread enough that men and women of the MNF would want it downloaded onto their ‘puters…


From Brandon Clark on 01/25/06


Dave Matthews Band might be big.

Good group, good songs, nice crisp and clear music. Jazzy, big bandish, R&B with a touch of Beatles type bands.

Good idea, a bunch of up-timers enjoy music so much they formed their own band before the Transition and got some kick as instruments….


From Lobes on 01/25/06


By 2021 we”re likely to be seeing more CGI bands like gorillaz and (shudder) crazy frog.

Entertainment options would be different when you have a permanent music player (flexipad) with very good sound everywhere you go. Ringtones are already taking off and this will probably increase for a while but its gonnabe weird if the number one hit from the future is by a helmeted amphibian. But games are likely to be more prominent.

I think all traditional forms of music will continue to be popular. A lot of the artists I was listening to fifteen years ago are still popular now. Some have even regained credibility. It’ll be a slightly different crowd in 2021 but we’d still recognise a lot of them from 2006.

Maybe Britneys Vegas years?


From Lobes on 01/25/06


Hottest 100 is on now if you want to hear what the freshest contemporary music is right now:

Fresh off the net, Happy Strayaday everybody!


From Sejanus on 01/26/06


I reckon that the ‘temps would jump all over punk rock and their anti-government ways. with hoover and the fbi all over them, telling them what their political view have to be. not to mentoin the House UnAmerican Activities Commitee..

brandon clarke- dude, i have many many different types of music, from all sorts of sources. it would take say three really good albums for the temp bands to start on their own impressions. over ten thousand (i think thats the amount of people in the taskforce) people a LOT of different musical tastes have got to be encompassed.

on second thoughts maybe the music that takes off is TV/radio ad jingles and theme songs, what with everyone being obsessed with seeing what the future is like.


From Vallon Davis on 01/26/06


With the music files/collections that the 21C troops brought with them, would any of them make the playlist for American Bandstand and how would Dick Clark and his guests react to them?


From Robbie Beare on 01/26/06


Warren Zevon’s “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner. ”

I heard the Hammo (Hamilton) Hotel ran out of beer before 11:00 am Tuesday thanks to the thirst of several of the 6000 odd US sailors in town. A pub that had never run dry before. Well Done!!!

Birmo, Did you get a Gong in today’s honours list? I seem to have been left off again. An oversight no doubt.


From savo on 01/26/06


lobes: Did you REALLY write that piece for Wikikpeia on Hard Trance.?

STAND ON ZANZIBAR – brunner (c1966) had jingles as pop music too. I would say Bollpop is jst around the corner ( ie months away 01/06)


From Birmo on 01/26/06


Lobes, good call on the show tunes. hadn’t thought of that.

Vallon: I’ve been playing the Donnas while i’ve been editing. spooky.

Robbie: Hmm. I’ve been waiting by the post box but nothing yet. Perhaps if i had written that thing about the PM in Leviathan. “Fuck him and the horse and he rode in on”.


From ajdenny on 01/26/06


Considering the PM’s rant on the need for more linear Australian, history, I doubt Leviathan will be on his reading list anytime soon.


From Dread on 01/27/06


I’m guessing Ice T, Tupac, 50c etc which will begat a new generation of angry black men singing songs about killing police and bringing down ‘the man’…..all the while dressed in suitable sensible 50’s attire, matching suits, the hat,same bowl haircuts…..For example….’The golden voice of Reginald R Washington and his Homies singing Damn the PO-lice!’ or ‘Mr Hoover you’ve got a loverly frock’…. and other catchy tunes….

Meanwhile redneck will be listening to Vanilla Ice…….


From Lobes on 01/27/06


Savo: Yeah, but some other dude put the stuff at the beginning about Frankfurt. Damn Germans and their obsession with Hardcore and Gabber, its not similar to pure Hard Trance at all.


From Dennis Murphy on 01/27/06


Mr Birmo,

Is The Last Good War the title of the next sequel after Designated Targets? (Apologies if I am missing the obvious somewhere.)

I was thrilled when I saw Targets pop up on even some months before it was available, and place my order right away. So I’m watching for their announcement of your next book. But I thought I should alert you that there are eight other books include “The Last Good War” in their titles, and two of them have that very title.

Maybe you know that already, but in case you didn’t, now you do. Regardless of its title, I’ll be ordering the third volume as soon as I see it!

Have a great day!


From Birmo on 01/27/06


Thanks dennis. Yeah. That is the title. It’s always a bit of a concern when it matches other books, but we have the series title too.


From Lobes on 01/30/06


I went to Big Day Out yesterday and the headliners were Iggy and the Stooges and Wolfmother, whom are essentially a Led Zeppelin tribute band. 2manyDJs played the boiler room and the maddest shuffling went down to their remixes of Funky Town and You Shook me all night long.

Henry Rollins drew a big crowd as did Living End. All of these artists were playing to a crowd of whom many were born after they formed. Everything old is new again. Its a trend that often pops up in times of war where people need the reassurance of familiarity.

The best thing I saw yesterday was these three guys do an absoluteley flawless beatbox of Seven Nation Army. I thought it was a record til I looked up on stage.


From Anonymous on 01/31/06


Birmo, I dont know much about your readership demographic but if you had a throwaway line where some characters discussed a popular song and then one remarks:

“Yeah I really liked the Trance remix of that”

Or some such variant, It would lay down some serious credibility with the under 30 crowd. If they read it.


From tygertim on 01/31/06


Christine Church
James Darrin
Julie Andrews (Jazz)
Manhattan Transfer
James Farrentino in the Lana Turner version of “The Merry Widow” (watch the scene at the train station whilst waiting on Lana’s entrance)
David Bowie (he has an amazing voice when it’s not drowned out by the music)

just for kicks.



From Brandon Clark on 02/02/06


Oh God, I just had a bad vision of Frank Sinatra doing Michael Jackson songs….. I got to go puke now….


From savo on 02/02/06


Oh Brandon what have you done! Don’t stop til you get enough to the style of Mac the Knife.

or worse New York New York in the style of Bad


What have you done: Frank is moonwalkin … he’s fuckin’ MOONWALKIN aw man he’s bad (Oh no!! now its me!!!! AAARRRRGGGHHHHH)


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